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“A MUSICAL EXPERIENCE BASED ON AMAZEMENT” Usually when it comes to bumpers, quantity is preferred over quality. Not however, for 2017. Imagine instead, one wine that keeps you yearning for more in fetes, on the road, and for years to come, always enticing and spine tingling in touch and movement. The desire for that kind of experience was the inspiration for this C.L. Productions and Precision Productions release. Working in sync the two camps shaped a musical experience based on amazement, attraction, and probably a few lasting memories to giveRead More
“Spins The World in Colorful Chaos”   Sometimes it is all about a nice slow wine, in other moments the vibe keeps you jumping higher and higher. But, to really feel Carnival coursing through your soul, you need that one song that reminds you, truthfully during this time of year, you have absolutely “No Broughtupsy”.   The Precision team dug deep into the core building blocks of Soca to produce this release. Earthy melodic layers work alongside a heavy bass line to free hidden primal instincts that compel bodies toRead More
Trinidadian Gospel sensation Ryan “Nathanael” Hamilton delivers his new Gospel gem “Lord Of Hosts,” now available worldwide from all major digital retailers (released June 24, 2016), from FOX FUSE. Nathanael penned the inspirational track, with production handled by him and his brother under their songwriting and production company Fisherman Project. It was co-produced and engineered by Kasey Phillips of Precision Productions. “Lord Of Hosts” is a pulsing militant offering that speaks of reliance and defiance – relying and trusting God wholeheartedly, and standing resolute in the face of difficulty andRead More
Are you sitting quietly reading this? Then be warned, as this brand new Tian Winter release starts to play, your body will take over and you will be grooving, very ready to have a “Good Time”! Determined to retain his 2012 Groovy Monarch title, The Winter Man gives us some more of his signature dulcet tones, as he harmoniously cajoles fellow party lovers to let loose and enjoy their yearly celebrations. The very young yet very skilled Josiah St. Lewis-Noray penned this effervescent tune compiling words that immediately convey aRead More
For many it may be easy to forget the level of skill our Caribbean artisans control at their fingertips. However, in her latest release, Tanzania ‘Tizzy’ Sebastian gives us a compelling reminder, as she exhibits her amazing vocal ability, in a potent balance of command and feminine expression. Melodiously complimenting her singing, the music of “Wine Of My Life” reaches out in true Precision Productions style, to enwrap listeners in harmonies that evoke women to grant men the needed permission to join them, as they demonstrate their flexing aptitude. ThisRead More
As the spirit of Carnival descends upon the beautiful isle of St. Lucia, an undeniable call to freedom is released into the air, by the reigning Groovy Monarch himself, Teddyson “TJ” John. In a perfectly sweetened mix of rhythm and soul, Precision Productions concocts a tuneful serum designed to soothe masqueraders, who have been longing for this season’s return, while simultaneously injecting their hearts with the frenzied joy only “Sweet Soca Music” can provide. And, in only his first writing endeavour with the team, Jelani Nedd of Cloud9tt, brings toRead More