Precision Productions and Tian Winter guarantee you a Good Time!

Are you sitting quietly reading this? Then be warned, as this brand new Tian Winter release starts to play, your body will take over and you will be grooving, very ready to have a “Good Time”!

Determined to retain his 2012 Groovy Monarch title, The Winter Man gives us some more of his signature dulcet tones, as he harmoniously cajoles fellow party lovers to let loose and enjoy their yearly celebrations.

The very young yet very skilled Josiah St. Lewis-Noray penned this effervescent tune compiling words that immediately convey a bountiful shared joy throughout the atmosphere.

In this track the Precision team shows why they have become such a formidable force in the Groovy Soca arena. As with a touch of soul, a splash of funk, and just the right amount of rhythm, they are able to keep chipping feet continuously merry.

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