Precision Productions presents "Wine Of My Life" by Tizzy!

For many it may be easy to forget the level of skill our Caribbean artisans control at their fingertips.

However, in her latest release, Tanzania ‘Tizzy’ Sebastian gives us a compelling reminder, as she exhibits her amazing vocal ability, in a potent balance of command and feminine expression.

Melodiously complimenting her singing, the music of “Wine Of My Life” reaches out in true Precision Productions style, to enwrap listeners in harmonies that evoke women to grant men the needed permission to join them, as they demonstrate their flexing aptitude.

This track is written by Patrick Mista ‘Vybe’ Gordon, who has once again successfully articulated that delicate mix of yearning with a slice of domination, we all crave, when we lose ourselves to the soaring musical heights of festival time.

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