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Precision Productions and Skinny Fabulous have "No Broughtupsy" for Carnival 2017!

“Spins The World in Colorful Chaos”


Sometimes it is all about a nice slow wine, in other moments the vibe keeps you jumping higher and higher. But, to really feel Carnival coursing through your soul, you need that one song that reminds you, truthfully during this time of year, you have absolutely “No Broughtupsy”.


The Precision team dug deep into the core building blocks of Soca to produce this release. Earthy melodic layers work alongside a heavy bass line to free hidden primal instincts that compel bodies to answer only to the call of the energy in the music.


Skinny Fabulous’ gritty vocals make this one come alive, as he once again effortlessly spins the world into colorful chaos with a fearless delivery.


The true to life description of the delirious conduct of masqueraders was well written by CollegeBoy Jesse, a young writer to definitely watch, and JONESY a team that already has a solid foundation in this art.


Meant to forcefully break any and all societal restraints, this track allows listeners to indulge in the wanton abandonment found only when we let go and let this vibrant season take us over.


Title: No Broughtupsy

Background Vocals: Sherieta Lewis

Produced by: Precision Productions

Composers/Writers: Joel Anderson Jones/Jesse Stewart/Gamal Doyle/Kasey Phillips

ISRC: QM-R6Z-16-00012

Publishers: Copyright Control(COTT)/Precision Global Publishing (c/o FOX FUSE LLC) (BMI)

Label: Precision Global Music Ltd.

Copyright Notice: © 2016 Precision Inc., Ltd.




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