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Precision Productions works with C.L. Productions, K.Rich, and Jimmy October, to give the world “Under Me”!


Usually when it comes to bumpers, quantity is preferred over quality. Not however, for 2017. Imagine instead, one wine that keeps you yearning for more in fetes, on the road, and for years to come, always enticing and spine tingling in touch and movement. The desire for that kind of experience was the inspiration for this C.L. Productions and Precision Productions release. Working in sync the two camps shaped a musical experience based on amazement, attraction, and probably a few lasting memories to give the world a song, which will stand brilliantly against the test of time.
Transformative in nature, the track inveigled Kasey Phillips to step out of his comfort zone of production work, and compose some of the lyrical content along with long time collaborator and esteemed writer, Patrick “Mista Vybe” Gordon.
The resulting addictive tune, titled “Under Me”, then needed distinctive voices to relay what could only be described as its affectionate message. Using his inventive rapping style Jimmy October chanted, while K.Rich belted out honeyed tones, both of them using their considerable skills to sway listeners into finding quality over quantity this Carnival.
Take our advice, press play and see for yourself, after all you never know how much pleasure awaits on the path less traveled until you grasp it.




Artist: K.Rich feat Jimmy October
Title: Under Me
Produced by: C.L. Productions and Precision Productions
Composers/Writers: L’shun Emmanuel/Patrick Gordon/Cherrod Lewis/Kasey Phillips
ISRC: QM-R6Z-16-00022
Publishers: Copyright Control(COTT)/Precision Global Publishing (c/o FOX FUSE LLC) (BMI)
Label: Precision Global Music Ltd.
Copyright Notice: © 2016 Precision Inc., Ltd.


Artwork done by REALIONESS
Lyric Video by Untitled51 and Metropolis Media House





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