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Tropicalfete Expands to a New Location – 850 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11203

Tropicalfete, Inc., a non-profit charitable corporation dedicated to promoting Caribbean culture and fostering community development, has exciting news to share. The organization has acquired a new location at 850 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11203, strategically positioned at the corner of Linden Boulevard and New York Avenue. This new space is set to become a cornerstone of cultural enrichment and tourism in the area.

Since its establishment in 1999 as an online publication and later as a cultural resource center in 2011, Tropicalfete, Inc. has been on a mission to educate and empower the community in the realms of arts and social services. With a strong focus on Caribbean culture, the organization provides a wide array of cultural enrichment programs tailored for youths, seniors, and the broader community.

The new location is set to host up to ten diverse cultural enrichment programs, some of which are exclusively offered by Tropicalfete. Among these programs are “Musicians Mentoring Musicians,” facilitating the exchange of musical knowledge, “Authors Connecting,” promoting literature and storytelling, and “The Art of Masquerade,” celebrating the vibrant tradition of masquerade in Caribbean festivals.

One of the most noteworthy offerings is the “Artist Resource Center,” a hub for artists to explore their creativity and develop their skills across various disciplines such as dance, theater, spoken words, acting, and aerial arts. Additionally, Tropicalfete will also provide specialized training in musical instruments like the steel pan, piano, trumpet, guitar, violin, and drums, as well as computer music production, photography, video production, and various forms of arts and crafts.

Tropicalfete’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in our programs that cater to people of all backgrounds, races, and abilities. By promoting cultural exchange and understanding, the organization aims to strengthen the bonds within the community and attract visitors from all over the world, enhancing the area’s appeal as a vibrant and inclusive cultural hub.

We are thrilled to announce that our new location represents a significant milestone for Tropicalfete. This space will allow our non-profit organization to continue preserving Caribbean culture while fostering a sense of togetherness and appreciation for all cultures. We envision it as a center for creativity, learning, and celebration.

As a non-profit organization, Tropicalfete, Inc. is also proud to offer various scholarships, artist residencies, fellowships, and internships, ensuring that talented individuals have the opportunity to thrive and contribute to the community’s cultural landscape.

In addition to its regular programs, Tropicalfete will host special events like “Hump Cultural Wednesdays” and “Creative Fun Days in the Park,” inviting the community to come together and enjoy a range of cultural activities. The annual “Finale” promises to be a highlight, showcasing the incredible talent nurtured through the organization’s various initiatives.

Tropicalfete’s expansion to this new location marks a significant step in our ongoing mission to promote Caribbean culture and enrich the lives of individuals within the community. With our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and cultural preservation, the organization is set to make an enduring impact on Brooklyn and the state of New York by extension cultural landscape for years to come.

For more information about Tropicalfete, Inc. and our programs, please visit their website at www.tropicalfete.com or contact us at 646 504 3383 and info@tropicalfete.com.

Tropicalfete’s Cultural Enrichment Programs

Musicians Mentoring Musicians|Authors Connecting|The Art of Masquerade|Artist Resource Center|Body of Vibration Limbo, Dance, Theater, Spoken Words, Acting, and Aerialist| Spirit of the Arts Award| Award of Excellence|Stilt Walking|Voices|Musical Instruments Steel Pan, Piano, Trumpet, Guitar, Violin, and Drums| Computer Music Production|Photography and Video Production| Arts and Craft: Sewing, pressing and fabrication, painting, paint and sip, Welding, Woodworking, and Pottery|Yoga |Afterschool Program |Senior Citizen Center Program|Summer Camp Program |Medical and Culture Program |STEM and Culture |Scholarship|Artist Residency |Fellowship/Internship |Hump Cultural Wednesdays|Creative Fun days in the Park |The Finale


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