Popular Caribbean Personality Marks 10 Year Anniversary With Notable Partnerships

As his ten year mark in the business of entertainment approaches, one of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean’s burgeoning comedic forces is showing even greater ambition, teaming up with athletic champion, Jehue Gordon and fashion designer, Ecliff Elie to further cement his name and theirs in the Caribbean’s lifestyle market . Known simply as, Sunny Bling , Chaguanas homeboy Kerron Sealy has been a figure who’s comedic ease has brought many laughs and now, ahead of the year 2016, he’s doing some rebranding that will sway public perception but certainly keep the laughter coming.

In a modern world where perception is some people’s reality, all with social media being the rave, Sunny Bling has masked his personal life well. His silly public rants on the airwaves of Slam 100.5FM where he now calls his home away from home, and the stage antics seen when he makes public appearances or hosts events, have made him a public figure in every sense of the term. Now, plans underway to further market himself to a wider audience across the Caribbean Diaspora and internationally, call for bigger steps.

In November, Sealy teams up with Trinidad and Tobago fashion house owner and designer, Ecliff Elie. The Caribbean men’s clothing line was established in T&T in 1992 and has grown into somewhat of a household name in Trinidad since that time. Sunny Bling has been an avid supporter of the clothing lin e . His current partnership with the brand was only a natural progression since Sealy’s been a true fan of the professional look maintained by the designer. “The Ecliff Elie look is classy and professional. As much as I’m a comedian, I don’t always strive to look comical. I want to look good, stand out, and that’s what Ecliff Elie’s clothing does for me,” said the Direc TV endorsee.

With the local fashion industry often being sidelined by the man on the street for replacement foreign threads, Sunny says it ’s unfortunate. “As an adult, I’ve come to realize that you can get the look you want and feel the part, from a local designer , for an even better price. I can get the same look and feel, and sometimes even a better look and feel from a local fashion house . I’d rather help my own too. That’s what we need to do -rep resent for the Caribbean,” said the father of two.

Recently, Trinidad and Tobago hurdler, Jehue Gordon launched his “Ambition” men’s fragrance to much commendation by local media and fellow sporting figures. Sunny Bling has now partnered with the 23 – year – old athlete to further market the fragrance. “I’ve known Jehue for a few years E T – CET – ERA The Company~ and he believes in me and what I’m capable of doing. The “Ambition” fragrance is fully endorsed because it smells really good and it’s long – lasting too,” said Sunny.

Much like he’s done with his own personal career, delivering a down to earth sense of self and capturing large audiences along the way, Sunny’s partners feel he will now draw audiences to their brands in a subtle yet powerful way. With much more to come from the self – made entertainer, in the weeks and months ahead, there’s no doubt that the highways of Trinidad and Tobago will continue to be aligned with his images, all blown up for the world to see.

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