MBJ Aims to Please with the Installation of Happy or Not Terminals at Sangster International Airport

MBJ Airports will leverage technology to boost customer satisfaction with the installation of 10 Happy or Not terminals at Sangster International Airport.

The interactive terminals will be placed at strategic locations to gauge customer satisfaction related to specific zones or services provided at the airport. The feedback received from customers will help MBJ Airports respond quickly to concerns and improve the level of service on a continual basis.

“We are very excited to be rolling out Happy or Not terminals for the first time in Jamaica at Sangster International Airport,” said MBJ Airports CEO Rafael Echevarne. “The devices will help us stay tuned to our customers and serve their needs more effectively,” the CEO added.

Happy or Not devices are meant to complement, rather than substitute more conventional means of gathering customer feedback. The terminals can alert MBJ personnel if the level of service drops below an established standard, allowing the airport operator to respond in real time to anomalies related the level of service or the installations. The Happy or Not terminals will also allow MBJ Airports to analyze feedback over specific time periods and for specific areas of the airport.

Happy or Not terminals are used widely at leading international airports, among them those operated by Spain’s AENA, which has 600 such devices throughout its network. MBJ will install four Happy or Not terminals in 2017 and another six in 2018.

About MBJ Airports:

MBJ Airports Limited, operator of Sangster International Airport, connects Jamaica to more than 50 international destinations and welcomed a record 3.9m travelers in 2016. MBJ operates the airport under a 30-year concession that began in 2003 and provides employment to more than 150 Jamaicans.

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