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What is Carnival without Soca Calypso and of course pan? If you loved and adored Shadow’s “Bassman” then Sir Skarz 2015 tune is perfect for you. Sir Skarz the man who brought you” Zagga Dat ” brings to you for 2015 a double entendre track called “Pum Pum”. The essence of Carnival is music, and out of Trinidad and Tobago three genres of music were created Soca, Calyspo and Pan. “Pum Pum” a sweet melodious tune that plays on the sound of pan. “Pum Pum” is backed by the WhiteRead More
NEW Ms Alysha – Iron (Fryktion Muzik) – AVAILABLE NOW Based on the 2k15 Carnival releases it seems that finding a cure for ailments lies uppermost in the minds and hearts of the soca listening lover. “IRON” written and performed by Ms. Alysha is her doctor prescribed recommendation to ease de tension, with a witty lyrical twist. Collaborating with Fryktion Music, they were able to come up with an infectious musical sound, with catchy rhythms and melodies, well suited for the story of actual events portrayed in this song. MixedRead More
What began as a release for St. Vincent’s Carnival “Vincymas” has now grown to a well appreciated hit. Light up was released in late April – faring the charts and fans. Light Up grew in a short space of time to find a place in the heart of many listeners – unexpectedly the heart of one special listener Kerwin DuBois. Kerwin and Skinny have been in chats of doing a project for quite some time, and now have put in the necessary studio time to make it a reality. KerwinRead More
Fresh on the heels of the Jamaican bobsled team’s participation in the 2014 Sochi Games, the man who played a Jamaican bobsledder and wrote the theme song in the now infamous movie, “Cool Runnings,” is set to attend the biggest investment summit on the Caribbean outside the region, Invest Caribbean Now, (ICN). MALIK YOBA Hollywood actor and activist, Malik Yoba, will be among the top attendees at this year’s Caribbean Week in New York summit, set for June 4, 2014 at the prestigious Harvard Club of New York from 11:30Read More
Dreddy Dred from di Inner Circle Crew updated on what a wonderful and blessed year Inner Circle is having so far in 2014. Now begins Festival Season! Why not consider Inner Circle “The Bad Boys of Reggae” for your 2014 Festival? With the #1 Reggae song played on television “BAD BOYS (The Theme Song for Cops)” & The International Hit “SWEAT” Thats still breaking record sales all over the world, & New collaborations with Latin Star “Nengo Flow”, International Pop Star “Flo-Rida”, Dancehall Don “Khago”, & one of Canada’s BiggestRead More
It’s time for pace…We are talking about 160 bpm of pure vibes for Carnival 2014. While some are still basking in Christmas festivities, Ms. Alysha is sounding the alarm for Power Soca with her single “On The Truck.” Known for her ability to chant quickly, Ms. Alysha easily dishes out lyrics inviting you to “Climb Up” and “Wuk It Up On Top The Truck.” Sounds inviting right? A song that is geared for masqueraders requires only one thing to be done; oblige to her instructions. Teaming up with Homebase MusicRead More
Basically, 120 beats per minute created a problematic pulsating rhythm from Studio B entitled “Bomb Drop”. The root of the production process was grounded with a vintage soca sound style. A bubbling bass drum captivates the reveler and causes an inevitable movement, a wine or a bubble. Ardent supporters just love that one repetitive melody, (the guitars in this case) which they can hum and voice easily when lyrics are hard to find the tongue. The collaboration of Saddis and Lead Pipe, members of the Most Wanted Entertainment group, expertlyRead More
NaldinYo and the Latin Connection NaldinYo is a Caribbean/Latin entertainer doing music with fusions of Latin and Soca. His Mother, Claudia Smith aka D’ Calypso Girl was the winner of the first Calypso Competition held in Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela and also the lead singer of the fusion band The Uptights in Venezuela which was formerly The Rockefeller Combos in Trinidad. His father Felix Jose Luces Farias was the Owner/Musical Arranger of Steel Pan Guyana, a musical ensemble in Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela in the 1970’s who reveled in the music ofRead More
SKINNY FABULOUS – BTW (BEHAVING THE WORST) Skinny Fabulous makes a big contribution in the Soca arena with his newest release BTW (Behaving the Worst). This song comes as the sequel to the already very popular track performed by Machel Montano – Happiest Man Alive (HMA), written by Skinny and produced by Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell. The two artistes have always enjoyed a long standing working relationship – this latest project comes as an evolution to this professional relationship. The two artistes are known for big collaborations in the past onRead More
Its the secret to the effervescent joy in the faces of our children, the melodic movement of our women, and the unfailing humor within our men. We in Trinidad and Tobago have discovered the true meaning of happiness in life. In fact it was no surprise that the UNSDSN’s World Happiness Report for 2013 ranked us as the happiest country in the Caribbean, and the 31st in the world. Especially with factors like ‘someone to count on’, ‘generousity’, ‘healthy life expectancy’ and the ‘freedom to make life choices’ being usedRead More