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ON THE TRUCK by Ms Alysha (2014 Soca) DOWNLOAD NOW!

It’s time for pace…We are talking about 160 bpm of pure vibes for Carnival 2014. While some are still basking in Christmas festivities, Ms. Alysha is sounding the alarm for Power Soca with her single “On The Truck.” Known for her ability to chant quickly, Ms. Alysha easily dishes out lyrics inviting you to “Climb Up” and “Wuk It Up On Top The Truck.” Sounds inviting right?

A song that is geared for masqueraders requires only one thing to be done; oblige to her instructions. Teaming up with Homebase Music of Grenada, Ms. Alysha is one of the first artistes to release a Power Soca contribution for Carnival 2014. When many thought that the faster versions of Soca were becoming extinct, Ms. Alysha is here to assure music lovers that this is not the case. The question is whether or not you have the energy to misbehave on the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.
Picture yourself on the road searching for the truck with the most vibes with your crew. When you find it, hold on, your Carnival enjoyment depends on it. Ms. Alysha and Homebase Music are pleased to present music lovers with a track that is certain to pump your adrenaline. That feeling of excitement, pure ecstasy and total uninterrupted enjoyment is here. Get “On The Truck,” jump, wave, ride, hold on and misbehave.

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