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Naldin Yo – Baila en la Calle – DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

NaldinYo and the Latin Connection NaldinYo is a Caribbean/Latin entertainer doing music with fusions of Latin and Soca. His Mother, Claudia Smith aka D’ Calypso Girl was the winner of the first Calypso Competition held in Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela and also the lead singer of the fusion band The Uptights in Venezuela which was formerly The Rockefeller Combos in Trinidad. His father Felix Jose Luces Farias was the Owner/Musical Arranger of Steel Pan Guyana, a musical ensemble in Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela in the 1970’s who reveled in the music of Trinidad and Tobago fusing the Trinbagonian culture in Venezuela. This also included catering food for the locals in Venezuela as his father was a Chef by profession who became so versed in preparing Trinbagonian cuisine to the extent that his alias became “Roti-Jo”. Claudio Luces Smith aka NaldinYo has taken over the humble legacy of his parents by his vision to re-ignite the arts and culture of Trinidad and Tobago in Venezuela and Latin America as a whole. The Latin Connection is a network of associates here in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and Latin America who support the vision of cultural exchange, cooperation and unity with the English speaking Caribbean and the Spanish speaking Americas.

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