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Skinny Fabulous – BTW (Behaving the Worst) – DOWNLOAD IT NOW

SKINNY FABULOUS – BTW (BEHAVING THE WORST) Skinny Fabulous makes a big contribution in the Soca arena with his newest release BTW (Behaving the Worst). This song comes as the sequel to the already very popular track performed by Machel Montano – Happiest Man Alive (HMA), written by Skinny and produced by Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell. The two artistes have always enjoyed a long standing working relationship – this latest project comes as an evolution to this professional relationship. The two artistes are known for big collaborations in the past on records like Fetting On,Charge up Remix (Hunny Bunny Riddim), and Monstrosity (Monster Remix) – all in conjunction with the same producer Alex “kubiyashi” Barnwell. BTW is everything is sounds to be and more – stepping out of his comfort zone Skinny lets go the rough persona to reveal a surprisingly more melodic one. Nonetheless he is still Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle rough or melodically he is behaving the worst!

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