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Basically, 120 beats per minute created a problematic pulsating rhythm from Studio B entitled “Bomb Drop”. The root of the production process was grounded with a vintage soca sound style. A bubbling bass drum captivates the reveler and causes an inevitable movement, a wine or a bubble. Ardent supporters just love that one repetitive melody, (the guitars in this case) which they can hum and voice easily when lyrics are hard to find the tongue. The collaboration of Saddis and Lead Pipe, members of the Most Wanted Entertainment group, expertly affords females with an opportunity to be the boss in the dance arena. Patrice conquers the words with a superior flow and executes like a terrorist at work. The flawless merge of music and lyrics became one when Bailey and Daddy Bubbles cleared the rubble as Studio B maintained a dominant force that Carnival lovers cannot resist. Patriced rhapsodized about a thrilling soca party experience; one where her sexual appeal was at work and the lyrical content resembles the debris of the scattering bomb explosion.

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