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Meet the Author of…And then we laughed

Ms. Cameron wrote a book of short stories about her early family life that she calls, And Then We Laughed. She wrote the book for her children and grandchildren as a family heirloom, but the fresh and vivid descriptions of life lived long before electronic gadgets in an exotic Caribbean country touched a universal chord in readers, and the book took wing.

In the book the author pays tribute to her loving and close knit family. She recounts some universal aspects of childhood and explores the life and culture of the Caribbean islands, especially the island of Trinidad. She lovingly recalls and celebrates the way things were—a stark contrast to what they are today.
The author was born in Belmont, Trinidad. During her youth, her father’s job assignments took the family to some rural and remote areas of the island. In 1970 she migrated to the United States to pursue her studies, and in less than three years she was back to Tobago, married and raising a family.

She completed her degree at McMaster University in 1974 when she and her children accompanied her husband to Hamilton Ontario, Canada. On her return to Trinidad, she taught English Language and Literature for many years at Holy Name Convent, a Catholic Girls High School in Port of Spain. Years later when she returned to the U.S she continued to work with children and teens as a teacher and then as a counselor.

Guerin-Cameron is very passionate about causes which further the well-being of families everywhere, but especially those in the Caribbean. She is an advocate for and supporter of organizations like Food for The Poor, Smile Train and Kiva. (She has pledged 25% of the proceeds from her book to these organizations.)
The author currently lives in Florida and continues to express her passion for literacy as a volunteer teacher in an adult literacy program.

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