Luciano added to line up- Budweiser One Love Nutrifest ~ February 18 ~

Weapons of Mass Connection in a City with a New Direction

One Love Nutrifest | New Beginnings: Feed your Heart, Body & Spirit a Wholistic approach to wellness through workshops, demonstrations and World Beat Music
February 18, 2012 at Grand Central Park in Downtown Miami

Miami, FL Grand Central Park, the newly landscaped grounds of the old Miami Arena comes alive with the One Love Nutrifest, a celebration of our collective souls and the magnetic energy that unites us all as a planet. This collective soul is very much alive in Miami’s ever-changing melting pot of rhythms colors and flavors. This beautiful city is the perfect metropolis to host a festival, created to highlight and promote the qualities that make us similar instead of the differences that divide us apart. The main denominators that fraction off this city’s diverse population are cultural ignorance and economic status. Therefore all of us here at Rockaz MVMT (pronounced Rockers Movement) have set out to utilize weapons of mass connection such as music and art to battle hunger, poverty, and injustice with love, rhythm, and good vibration.

It is exactly that vibration that is the main ingredient of the Reggae Sound Systems, which has broken through every possible cultural barrier to conquer the hearts of so many human beings throughout the world. It has broken chains in the name of righteous emancipation, mutated into Hip-Hop in the Bronx, Jungle in the UK, New School Dub Europe, and multiple fusion derivatives in Latin America. Reggae music has done all of the above while continuing to spread its natural mystic to every remote corner of the planet promoting a natural lifestyle along with its message of One Love.

Consequently that message along with sonic diversity are the reasons why a glowing constellation of musical stars was chosen to provide the soundtrack for the inauguration of Grand Central Park in Downtown Miami on February 18th 2012 a President’s weekend that will be remembered for years to come. The carefully hand picked line-up represents the new generation of roots and culture. This is a generation that carries on the essence of the Afro-Caribbean sonic tradition while displaying its evolutionary movements and hybridized blends. These lively recipes illustrate not only where it all comes from but also where the genetic future of this cultural treasure is headed.

It will be a unique experience whether we’re jammin’ to the rub-a-dub style revisits of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Radiohead by the Easy Star All-Stars.
Swaying to the jazz infused roots cocktail with lyrics that center mostly on socio-political and ecological issues of Puerto Rican legends Cultura Profetica. Whether we’re vibing to the revolutionary love anthems of Chilean group Gondwana standing tall and strong in a peace-loving position of musical and lyrical creation, or the soulful energetic punch of Jahfe. Whether we are holding hands to the melodic one drop beauty of Midnite, the legendary St. Croix roots reggae group who tells us to “keep good relations” with one another, despite the corporate greed and political discord around the globe, or getting our brain twisted by the raw metaphor lyrical sculptures of Ephniko. Delivering a message of hope and patience will come from The Messenger himself Luciano with his long awaited arrival back to the United States after many legal battles and canceled performances Rockaz MVMT have successfully secured his entry to perform at One Love Nutrifest. Whatever you listen to, feel, or experience on this very special day in Miami’s history will show that all the artists chosen to represent One Love Nutrifest presentedby Rockaz MVMT are parts of this iconic bridge to unite this city’s diverse population.

Get ready to rock on to the tunes to which our rapidly growing city is dancing to. The sweet and spicy grooves oozing out of speakers in a city that has blended tropical weather and art deco. Welcome to the eruption of new high rises and a downtown steaming with interesting people walking in and out of galleries, world class murals, international cuisine centers, and a pulsating art scene. What city can really serve as a better backdrop for such an extremely rich musical movement. Now add all these ingredients together the sum equals what many people are calling “The City of The New Millennium.”

This is the new Miami: romantic tropical metropolis that is sleek and artsy. However that is not all that the city has to offer. The true ‘soul of the city are the new and old locals concerned with maintaining a steady flow of energy. These non-conformist creatures are busy creating genuine expression not driven only by commercial success. They are a united front passionate about fighting hunger and poverty as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle based on good food, exercise, artistic expression, and overall consciousness of a better way to live within the modernity and corporate colonization that comes along with the massive urban growth and development Miami is undergoing.

Not only are we experiencing growth on a physical, cultural, and economic level, but we are all feeling the cosmic energy and planetary changes affecting humanity on the much discussed final year of the Mayan calendar. 2012 has dragged in currents of new consciousness that is not to be confused with yuppi yogis, euro-centric capoeristas, and other so called “spiritual” group therapy meeting spaces. Instead it has dragged in a new consciousness of solidarity for the least privileged and the need to operate as a wholistic community not willing to settle for anything less than the change that needs to happen in the world. A need to eat better, help heal the environment, and find alternative ways to use energy along with new ways to live, consume, and tolerate each other with love and kindness.

It is these currents of change that are the heart beat and true motivation for leader Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks and the rest of the Rockaz MVMT organization. The goals are as follows, to create a space to push a green identity within a high-rise city. Educate people about alternative energy, recycling, and other ways to heal the environment. Collecting food to help feed the enormous number of homeless people in our city that have no access to the nutrition that every human being deserves. Standing together in the face of injustice poverty and hunger and battle it until the evil that looks to maintain a status quo permissive of the propagation and existence of these social ills is eradicated. The goal is to fight consciously with awareness the ways of Babylonian in order to instill new philosophies much closer to the wisdom expressed naturally by the intelligence of the universe.

These goals will be accomplished one show at a time using music, art, and many more human soul manifestations as a platform to fulfill them. In the words of Bob Marley: “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.” These songs of freedom are all you will ever hear at One Love Nutrifest. That being said you must all come by to bring peace, love and smiles along with your food donations. Come to dance to the rhythm of a new world and remember that you are the universe yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So whether it is 2012 or 4020 never forget to “be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi.

The Budweiser One Love Nutrifest is scheduled for Saturday February 18, 2012 at the brand new Grand Central Park 721 NW 1st Ave in Downtown Miami. Gates open at noon till midnight. General admission $30. Free admission between noon and 2pm.

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