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Machel Montano THE TRILOGY OF "Pump Yuh Flag”

THE TRILOGY OF P.Y.F. As Machel Montano celebrates his three (3) decade contribution of musical mastery to the genre of Calypso/Soca, he continues to be the pilot of innovation for the industry. Machel’s recent release of his powerful, energized, stage/road friendly Soca anthem, “Pump Yuh Flag” also affectionately known as P.Y.F., is the first segment of a road-march ready trilogy. The song will be released as tri-factor that consists of: 1. The “Original” – Designed to ignite the Carnival masses 2. The “758 Re-Mix” – Orchestrated to elicit unbridled euphoria in the fetes 3. The “Road Mix”. Meticulously engineered to increase the blood-flow (A complete physical or medical clearance, is recommended before crossing the stage to this mix, LOL). This musical trilogy will build the momentum and climax unto the streets, as P.Y.F. subtly seduces 3 moods of your consciousness, A Soca syncopated progression – from radio stimulation – to fete frivolity – and segways into masquerader stage satisfaction. Anticipation will be the order of the day, as Soca lovers and Machel fans alike, await the next edition of the Trilogy. The “Original” of P.Y.F. was done by Kernal Roberts, Machel Montano and Kasey Phillips. This version is packed with excitement, and constant Highs. The fans are invited into the energy of the track, when the lyrics engage them into pumping their flags Up, Down, Left and Right. Machel’s ‘HYPE’ chant, further welcomes the Soca lovers into the unfolding Frenzy. The “758 Re-Mix” gives “Pump Yuh Flag” the Penn and Ace touch. So you can well imagine that this version of “Pump Your Flag” will continue to excite the fans but from a totally different acoustical space. Finally the “Road Mix” is being prepared by Precision Productions where Kasey Phillips will once again invoke mystical, musical madness into the Stage mix (road mix), just as he did in 2011 with the road march “Advantage”. Machel Montano sets out to revolutionize the concept of “Waving.” In 1991 Super Blue introduced “Get Something and Wave” then in 1994 Preacher encouraged revellers to “Jump and Wave” and now in 2012 ,Machel the reigning Soca Monarch and Road March King, compels us to “Pump Yuh Flag”, which epitomises the second dimension of the P.Y.F. Trilogy. So prepare yourself for the exciting P.Y.F. trilogy, as it unfolds and builds your anticipation from “RAMA” to Machel Monday then onto Soca Monarch, where on all three nights the stadium will be ROCKED to it’s foundation by the ultimate tri-factor of live performances by the indomitable, Mr. Fete “MACHEL MONTANO”. Finally as we hit the streets on Monday and Tuesday- it’s pure P.Y.F.

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