L3 Magazine – August Edition featuring The Olympics + No Maddz + Leela James + Reggae Sumfest 2012 Review + Caribana's Junior Carnival + More!

Olympic Highlights, No Maddz Trods On, The Soul-Full Voice of Leela James, Visiting Washington DC and more!

Team L3 is in festive Olympic spirits this month as we receive news and updates about Caribbean athletes competing at the world’s highest level of competition. We are pleased to bring our readers some of the best photos that capture the essence and the feel of the Olympics prior to the closing ceremony on Sunday August 12th, 2012.

Tricia ‘Sparks’ Spence interviews No Maddz, a band from Jamaica, who is a shining success for the world to see and hear. The group has been together for years, has played and performed in multiple cities, and is one of the few to say they are endorsed by major corporations. How they achieved success, and their plans for the future is covered. Did we mention the fact that they have an uncontrollable sense of humour?!

Heike Dempster covered Jamaica’s premiere Reggae Festival, Sumfest, 2012. Reporting on the performances, and including her impressions, Heike gives us a full recap of one of the Caribbean’s best shows, and includes photo highlights such as the Emperor, Shabba Ranks performing as well as Lady Saw being officially crowned Dancehall Queen!

Today’s music has moved far the ‘soul’ it once had until you meet and hear the voice of, Leela James! L3’s Jennifer Menster sat down with the 2012 Soul Goddess in California just before the release of her tribute album to Etta James. Leela is fun, playful, few on words but oozing positive and colourful energy that melts the most hardened of hearts. Having traveled the world with her music, Leela is one trademark we are pleased to present in our folds!

We were on the scene in Japan for Lukie D and Iakopo’s well received performance, hosted by Tokiyas Sound as well as in Toronto for Caribana’s Junior Carnival hosted by Yorkgate Mall in the Jane and Finch Community!

Rounding out the August edition, we tell you why Spike Lee is experiencing a ‘spike’ in popularity, review new music from Kafinal, and Hemphigher Productions as well as take a look at bridesmaids dresses ladies can wear beyond a wedding. We give you a few reasons to visit Washington DC as well as beauty tips that include baking soda. All this plus Ms. August, Kristin, shot through the camera lens of our Centrefold editor, Jerome ‘Neu Era’ Dupont. All this and more available here: http://bit.ly/S8DIp1

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