"Delightful Cocktails And A Customized Bar For C2K13, Courtesy Charm."

Plans are underway to ensure that masqueraders who truly want to benefit from an experience of unadulterated ecstasy in Carnival 2013, in fact do- with no holds barred. The secret to this particular assurance is, according to those behind the movement, innovation.

In 2013, Charm- the newest masquerade band to delve into the carnival sector, will provide masqueraders with the highest level of customer service imaginable. According to the band’s organisers, all is in place to deliver a full-fledged cocktail service to masqueraders, so instead of having merely scotch, beers, vodka and whisky- patrons can enjoy Piña Coladas, Daiquiris, Margaritas and much more.

In fact, Charm Carnival is taking innovation to another level when it comes to T&T Carnival 2013- this according to the band’s head honcho, Robert Amar. “No masquerader should have to explain what the ingredients are for any cocktail and they shouldn’t have to shout either. What we’re guaranteeing is a service so personal and enjoyable on the road, masqueraders will be telling their friends about it on Ash Wednesday and for the rest of the year.”

Amar, the man who gave masqueraders the mobile washroom years ago, is at this particular time creating a customizable mobile bar that will ensure masqueraders place their orders with ease. The sophisticated facility will lend to every masquerader’s wish list on the road- that being a stress free, truly all-inclusive experience. Customer service is top priority with this new band. In fact, so much of a priority is it that Amar himself is in the process of screening prospective bar staff who he says must have the necessary qualifications to provide the mixology service for the Charm masquerader.

“When people pay their money for service, they must receive it. They shouldn’t have to go out of their way to find a truck and when they do find it, they shouldn’t have to stretch and shout to the bar staff. We’re making this just the way it is meant to be. We’re making Carnival a first world festival,” said Amar.

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