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ELLE NYTT Dance Company launches a new journey 'En Route'

ELLE NYTT Dance Company launches a new journey ‘En Route’ June 28th, 2013. Since its inception in 2007, Elle NYTT has had a vision to become an internationally recognized dance company offering different styles of dance through classes and performances. From hip hop to folk, dancehall to ballet and socato contemporary dance, the company has represented and integrated different styles, that incorporate the rhythm of our own Caribbean flavor with a cocktail of international influence. The company strives for excellence in this versatility, a goal that the passion of the performing members, choreographers, students and teachers continue to fuel. Part of this journey is represented by its newest feature ‘En Route’, a contemporary modern dance production with works by some of our own young and talented choreographers, who each have their own story to tell – namely Delton Frank, Candice Ho Wong (current Kes the Band dancer), Anika Marcelle, Megan Navarro and La Shaun Prescott (past HD Dancer and choreographer for Machel Montano). The show is a very meaningful juncture as it has provided a great opportunity for reflection. The movement and choreography encompass the journey we have all embarked upon, whether willingly or not, and only points out that as human beings, although we are not the same, we can all relate on this delicate voyage we call life: from the struggles and the sadness, to the moments of hope and celebration. Dance selections range from portrayals of ‘Strength of a Woman’ with its heartfelt and meaningful movement representing a woman’s undeniably passionate elements to ‘#BigGrin’ that helps us see life with a different kind of passion, understanding the importance of joy, humor and individual quirkiness which we often hold back in relation to one another. Elle NYTT is not only celebrating its own journey but that of the choreographers and dancers. We are also extending an invitation to everyone to be part of this journey, to experience it with us and relate it in his or her own way.


ELLE NYTT Dance Company Promo Video


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