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TMAR – MIND CONTROL (New single & video)


Second single & official lyric video!

Following the release of his debut album “Pursuit Of Happiness” to great reviews, Tmar has decided to release track 4 “Mind Control” as the second single along with a lyric video.

Mind Control is one of the tracks that has been a hit with the DJ’s and fans alike, so it was an easy choice.

Tmar- “I chose to do a lyric video for this song because sometimes reading the lyrics of a song can help to convey the message the way the artiste meant it, it can even make it more personal sometimes”

The message in Mind Control is one that Tmar feels is necessary in this so called information age, as the song tells us to be careful of what information we digest as facts and truth, one should also learn how to “Control” their own minds. With lines like “Your mind is a weapon, Use it wisely” and “dem twist information, Misinformation, which information right” Should make you pause and think for a second.

The message though poignant is laid out over a hard hitting reggae riddim, with a groovy baseline, so you can have a skank and enjoy the message at the same time.

Tmar is already back in the studio working on new material and also planning a promotional tour across Europe, be on the look out for dates coming soon.

You can purchase “Mind Control” on iTunes and all major music platforms.

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