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    After flattening Arima Velodrome on Sunday with outstanding performances the finalists in the Digicel International Power Soca Monarch and Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch Competitions 2012, who will be gearing up for Fantastic Friday, February 17th 2012 at the Hasely Crawford Stadium are …..(in alphabetical order):

    Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists Digicel lnternational Power Soca Finalists
    1. Kees Dieffenthaller -(Defending Monarch)
    2. Destra Garcia
    3. Dexter Stewart – Blaxx
    4. Erphaan Alves
    5. JW & Blaze
    6. Kerwin Du Bois
    7. Kris Persad – KI
    8. Machel Montano
    9. Nadia Batson
    10. Patrice Roberts
    11. Roderick Gordon – Chucky
    12. Rodney LeBlanc – Benjai
    13. Shal Marshall
    14. Terrin Callender – Super Jigga TC

    Digicel lnternational Power Soca Finalists
    1.Machel Montano – (Defending Monarch)
    2. Delroy Hooper – Fireman (St. Vincent)
    3. Destra Garcia
    4. Devon Samuel – Prophet Benjamin
    5. Dexter Stewart – Blaxx
    6. Erphaan Alves
    7. Gerald Lewis – Hard Knoxx (Antigua)
    8. Marvin Davis – Swappi
    9. Michael Mercer (Barbados)
    10. Nadia Batson
    11. Neil Iwer George
    12. Shurwayne Winchester

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  • Luciano added to line up- Budweiser One Love Nutrifest ~ February 18 ~

    Weapons of Mass Connection in a City with a New Direction

    One Love Nutrifest | New Beginnings: Feed your Heart, Body & Spirit a Wholistic approach to wellness through workshops, demonstrations and World Beat Music
    February 18, 2012 at Grand Central Park in Downtown Miami

    Miami, FL Grand Central Park, the newly landscaped grounds of the old Miami Arena comes alive with the One Love Nutrifest, a celebration of our collective souls and the magnetic energy that unites us all as a planet. This collective soul is very much alive in Miami’s ever-changing melting pot of rhythms colors and flavors. This beautiful city is the perfect metropolis to host a festival, created to highlight and promote the qualities that make us similar instead of the differences that divide us apart. The main denominators that fraction off this city’s diverse population are cultural ignorance and economic status. Therefore all of us here at Rockaz MVMT (pronounced Rockers Movement) have set out to utilize weapons of mass connection such as music and art to battle hunger, poverty, and injustice with love, rhythm, and good vibration.

    It is exactly that vibration that is the main ingredient of the Reggae Sound Systems, which has broken through every possible cultural barrier to conquer the hearts of so many human beings throughout the world. It has broken chains in the name of righteous emancipation, mutated into Hip-Hop in the Bronx, Jungle in the UK, New School Dub Europe, and multiple fusion derivatives in Latin America. Reggae music has done all of the above while continuing to spread its natural mystic to every remote corner of the planet promoting a natural lifestyle along with its message of One Love.

    Consequently that message along with sonic diversity are the reasons why a glowing constellation of musical stars was chosen to provide the soundtrack for the inauguration of Grand Central Park in Downtown Miami on February 18th 2012 a President’s weekend that will be remembered for years to come. The carefully hand picked line-up represents the new generation of roots and culture. This is a generation that carries on the essence of the Afro-Caribbean sonic tradition while displaying its evolutionary movements and hybridized blends. These lively recipes illustrate not only where it all comes from but also where the genetic future of this cultural treasure is headed.

    It will be a unique experience whether we’re jammin’ to the rub-a-dub style revisits of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Radiohead by the Easy Star All-Stars.
    Swaying to the jazz infused roots cocktail with lyrics that center mostly on socio-political and ecological issues of Puerto Rican legends Cultura Profetica. Whether we’re vibing to the revolutionary love anthems of Chilean group Gondwana standing tall and strong in a peace-loving position of musical and lyrical creation, or the soulful energetic punch of Jahfe. Whether we are holding hands to the melodic one drop beauty of Midnite, the legendary St. Croix roots reggae group who tells us to “keep good relations” with one another, despite the corporate greed and political discord around the globe, or getting our brain twisted by the raw metaphor lyrical sculptures of Ephniko. Delivering a message of hope and patience will come from The Messenger himself Luciano with his long awaited arrival back to the United States after many legal battles and canceled performances Rockaz MVMT have successfully secured his entry to perform at One Love Nutrifest. Whatever you listen to, feel, or experience on this very special day in Miami’s history will show that all the artists chosen to represent One Love Nutrifest presentedby Rockaz MVMT are parts of this iconic bridge to unite this city’s diverse population.

    Get ready to rock on to the tunes to which our rapidly growing city is dancing to. The sweet and spicy grooves oozing out of speakers in a city that has blended tropical weather and art deco. Welcome to the eruption of new high rises and a downtown steaming with interesting people walking in and out of galleries, world class murals, international cuisine centers, and a pulsating art scene. What city can really serve as a better backdrop for such an extremely rich musical movement. Now add all these ingredients together the sum equals what many people are calling “The City of The New Millennium.”

    This is the new Miami: romantic tropical metropolis that is sleek and artsy. However that is not all that the city has to offer. The true ‘soul of the city are the new and old locals concerned with maintaining a steady flow of energy. These non-conformist creatures are busy creating genuine expression not driven only by commercial success. They are a united front passionate about fighting hunger and poverty as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle based on good food, exercise, artistic expression, and overall consciousness of a better way to live within the modernity and corporate colonization that comes along with the massive urban growth and development Miami is undergoing.

    Not only are we experiencing growth on a physical, cultural, and economic level, but we are all feeling the cosmic energy and planetary changes affecting humanity on the much discussed final year of the Mayan calendar. 2012 has dragged in currents of new consciousness that is not to be confused with yuppi yogis, euro-centric capoeristas, and other so called “spiritual” group therapy meeting spaces. Instead it has dragged in a new consciousness of solidarity for the least privileged and the need to operate as a wholistic community not willing to settle for anything less than the change that needs to happen in the world. A need to eat better, help heal the environment, and find alternative ways to use energy along with new ways to live, consume, and tolerate each other with love and kindness.

    It is these currents of change that are the heart beat and true motivation for leader Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks and the rest of the Rockaz MVMT organization. The goals are as follows, to create a space to push a green identity within a high-rise city. Educate people about alternative energy, recycling, and other ways to heal the environment. Collecting food to help feed the enormous number of homeless people in our city that have no access to the nutrition that every human being deserves. Standing together in the face of injustice poverty and hunger and battle it until the evil that looks to maintain a status quo permissive of the propagation and existence of these social ills is eradicated. The goal is to fight consciously with awareness the ways of Babylonian in order to instill new philosophies much closer to the wisdom expressed naturally by the intelligence of the universe.

    These goals will be accomplished one show at a time using music, art, and many more human soul manifestations as a platform to fulfill them. In the words of Bob Marley: “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.” These songs of freedom are all you will ever hear at One Love Nutrifest. That being said you must all come by to bring peace, love and smiles along with your food donations. Come to dance to the rhythm of a new world and remember that you are the universe yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So whether it is 2012 or 4020 never forget to “be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi.

    The Budweiser One Love Nutrifest is scheduled for Saturday February 18, 2012 at the brand new Grand Central Park 721 NW 1st Ave in Downtown Miami. Gates open at noon till midnight. General admission $30. Free admission between noon and 2pm.

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  • Machel Montano THE TRILOGY OF “Pump Yuh Flag”

    THE TRILOGY OF P.Y.F. As Machel Montano celebrates his three (3) decade contribution of musical mastery to the genre of Calypso/Soca, he continues to be the pilot of innovation for the industry. Machel’s recent release of his powerful, energized, stage/road friendly Soca anthem, “Pump Yuh Flag” also affectionately known as P.Y.F., is the first segment of a road-march ready trilogy. The song will be released as tri-factor that consists of: 1. The “Original” – Designed to ignite the Carnival masses 2. The “758 Re-Mix” – Orchestrated to elicit unbridled euphoria in the fetes 3. The “Road Mix”. Meticulously engineered to increase the blood-flow (A complete physical or medical clearance, is recommended before crossing the stage to this mix, LOL). This musical trilogy will build the momentum and climax unto the streets, as P.Y.F. subtly seduces 3 moods of your consciousness, A Soca syncopated progression – from radio stimulation – to fete frivolity – and segways into masquerader stage satisfaction. Anticipation will be the order of the day, as Soca lovers and Machel fans alike, await the next edition of the Trilogy. The “Original” of P.Y.F. was done by Kernal Roberts, Machel Montano and Kasey Phillips. This version is packed with excitement, and constant Highs. The fans are invited into the energy of the track, when the lyrics engage them into pumping their flags Up, Down, Left and Right. Machel’s ‘HYPE’ chant, further welcomes the Soca lovers into the unfolding Frenzy. The “758 Re-Mix” gives “Pump Yuh Flag” the Penn and Ace touch. So you can well imagine that this version of “Pump Your Flag” will continue to excite the fans but from a totally different acoustical space. Finally the “Road Mix” is being prepared by Precision Productions where Kasey Phillips will once again invoke mystical, musical madness into the Stage mix (road mix), just as he did in 2011 with the road march “Advantage”. Machel Montano sets out to revolutionize the concept of “Waving.” In 1991 Super Blue introduced “Get Something and Wave” then in 1994 Preacher encouraged revellers to “Jump and Wave” and now in 2012 ,Machel the reigning Soca Monarch and Road March King, compels us to “Pump Yuh Flag”, which epitomises the second dimension of the P.Y.F. Trilogy. So prepare yourself for the exciting P.Y.F. trilogy, as it unfolds and builds your anticipation from “RAMA” to Machel Monday then onto Soca Monarch, where on all three nights the stadium will be ROCKED to it’s foundation by the ultimate tri-factor of live performances by the indomitable, Mr. Fete “MACHEL MONTANO”. Finally as we hit the streets on Monday and Tuesday- it’s pure P.Y.F.

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  • Precision Productions Presents Benjai – The People’s Champion & Machel Montano – Bottle of Rum

    It is one thing to trod and widen a well-worn path, but quite another to pull away from the crowd and produce music that reconnects the musical ear to long forgotten sounds.

    In their latest releases, Precision Productions unearth the soul of our music and breathe fresh new life into it with the use of all live instruments. The songs, vocalized by two Soca-soul veterans, Machel Montano and Benjai, are groovy elemental tunes that masterfully straddle the strength of the past and the vibrancy of our present culture.

    Benjai’s ‘The People’s Champion,’ done in his signature hip swinging style expresses his deep devotion and commitment to not only keep this musical art form alive and ever-growing, but to also ensure that his fans, who crowned him as their king, forever thoroughly enjoy themselves with his offerings.

    Machel meanwhile joyously yet responsibly embraces a long time love affair many Soca aficionados can easily identify with. ‘Bottle of Rum’ artistically reflects upon an essential feteing staple in a nostalgic and seductively entertaining way that revelers will be unable to resist, in more ways than one!

    You will be hard pressed to hear any music this season that so cleverly reflects the past while still successfully forging towards our collective musical future. It is a difficult and brave direction to travel, however, it is one which Precision Productions have most definitely mastered.

    Benjai – The People’s Champion
    Written by Full Blown Entertainment and Kasey Phillips
    Machel Montano – Bottle Of Rum
    Written by Full Blown Entertainment, Machel Montano and Kasey Phillips

    Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions
    Live Musicians
    Bass – Billy Joel Saunders
    Drums – Alpha Simpson
    Guitars – Jeremy Mc Intosh
    Keys & Additional Production – Reuel Lynch
    Background Vocals – Tricia Hamilton

    Mastered By Sterling Sound, New York

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  • Tasha T Release and All R Nuttin Release

    Tasha T delighted at being musical ambassador for Read Across Jamaica
    Canada-based reggae artiste, Tasha T is absolutely delighted in her role as the official ambassador of Read Across Jamaica (RAJ). Having completed at whirlwind tour of select school in Jamaica in December, the singer is excitedly anticipating her duties for 2012 .
    As the RAJ Musical Ambassador for 2011 & 2012, Tasha T, through her musical style of communication, will lend her talent to encourage families to approach literacy from a positive perspective. She has voiced her full endorsement of RAJ’s project with her latest release, Educate Yourself, which is the official theme song this year.
    According to Tasha, “I am so honoured to be chosen for this very important initiative,” she said, adding, “We cannot over-emphasise the importance of reading and encouraging our children to develop a love for this activity.”
    Read Across Jamaica Literacy Project (RAJLP), which is headquartered in the United States, is the brainchild of Caribbean nationals who feel the need to give back to the land of their birth in a meaningful. One of the board members, the Philadelphia-based, Hopeton Brown, spoke for the all the members when he mentioned the joy at seeing the faces of the children when they receive new books and listen to teh song performed by Tasha T.
    RAJ was initiated in March 2004 at Siloah Primary School in St. Elizabeth Jamaica, our first gift was the donation of 50 new Dr. Suess books obtained from the National Education Association (NEA).
    “The kids were excited and full of joy. This, to us was a positive reaction,” said Brown as he recited the RAJ’s motto: Share a book with a child and you have given illiteracy a dose of cure.
    Musical ambassador, Tasha T, is quite cognizant of the importance of her role and points out that the US/Canada/ Jamaica connection is really an example of Jamaican working together to uplift the country. She also had a special word for her fellow entertainers.
    “We [artistes] must make the effort to engage our youth in activities to feed their minds, nurture their growth and display enjoyment with various forms of the arts. Our lyrics must be well thought out and we must remember that whether we like it or not, we are role models,” Tasta T declared.
    At the end of last year, Tasha T and some members of RAJ visited the Cassava Piece Activity Centre, St Andrew; St. James Parish Library in Montego Bay, the Henningay Prep School and the Breadnut Hill Primary School, St. Ann.
    “It was wonderful,” a beaming Tasha T said of the visits, where she performed, interacted with the children and handed out pictures and reading material.

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  • Erphaan Alves feat. Machel Montano – Terrible

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  • Sean Paul has released “Hold On,”

    Sean Paul has released “Hold On,” the third single from his forth coming album called Tomahawk Technique. The track has a peppy beat and uplifting message: Paul is hoping to surpise his fans with a lot more singing and hit notes than he is know for. The album will feature guest spots from Alexis Jordan, Kelly Rowland and Future Fambo. Previously released singles include “Got 2 Luv U” and “She Doesn’t Mind.” Tomahawk Technique features production by Rico Love, Benny Blanco and Stargate; it is due January 30.

    1. Got 2 Luv U (feat. Alexis Jordan)
    2. She Doesn’t Mind
    3. Body
    4. What I Want
    5. Won’t Stop (Turn Me Out)
    6. Dream Girl
    7. Hold On
    8. How Deep Is Your Love (feat. Kelly Rowland)
    9. Put It On You
    10. Roll Wid Di Don
    11. Touch The Sky
    12. Wedding Crashers
    Sean Paul]
    Hold on to the dream
    Hold on, hold on now, now
    Hold on and believe
    Though we already one
    We still hold on
    Hold on, hold on now, now
    We still hold on
    Hold on, hold on now, now
    Hold on to the dream

    Although the road is long, we still hold on
    We carry on, we still stay strong
    Today is long but tomorrow will come

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  • The Digicel International Soca Monarch Competition Rides The Information Superhighway Into Trinidad and Tobago’s 2012 Carnival

    The Digicel International Soca Monarch Competition Rides The Information Superhighway Into Trinidad and Tobago’s 2012 Carnival

    Carnival TV Partners With Caribbean Prestige Foundation For The Performing Arts To Stream Live On The Internet

    January 26, 2012 – Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago… Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts will take the Digicel International Soca Monarch competition to the World Wide Web with live streaming in High Definition (HD) via Carnival TV’s signature series, LIVEOnStage2Nite. The pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast will go live from the Arima Velodrome for four hours from 8:00 p.m. (00:00:00Z) with the semi finals of the Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch and the Digicel Power Soca Monarch competitions on Sunday January 29, 2012.
    The Digicel International Soca Monarch has become a staple of the cultural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival, being the foremost barometer for proficiency in the Soca realm of the Caribbean. In it’s 20th anniversary year, international audiences will witness some of the 53 regional semi-finalists vie for entry to the finals of the 2012 Digicel International Soca Monarch competition. Carnival TV will stream four hours of the eight-hour show live, featuring performances from both competitions.
    Carnival TV was launched in March 2011, as the premier HD Internet TV station streaming live Caribbean content to the globe, with an aim to capture and present the essence of everything Caribbean through the eyes of Caribbean people. In it’s pilot year, the station successfully kicked off its programming with live streams of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival including the National Steelband Panorama Finals, Dimanche Gras, and the Parade of the Bands, which attracted more than 300,000 viewers in 137 countries around the world.

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  • Gyptian, Busy Signal, Tarrus Riley and more shine on the new riddim from Truckback Records

    Truckback Records has released a brand new version of one of dancehall reggae’s best loved rub-a-dub riddims, Freedom Blues, to mark the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence in 2012. Starting with the bubbling, seductive melodies and bass line originally made a staple of Jamaican dancehalls by Pinchers, Admiral Tibet and Brigadier Jerry, Truckback producers Adrian and Steve Locke injected the dancehall classic with up-to-the-time vibes for Jamaica’s biggest stars. Now, for the first time, Tarrus Riley, Gyptian, Busy Signal, Warrior King and Turbulence contributed contemporary narratives and are excited to team up with Truckback on this brand new commemorative release, called Freedom Shines, that will connect longtime dancehall fans and the newest generations. Truckback’s Steve Locke says the Freedom Shines riddim is one way for Jamaica’s older and younger generations to come together through the music. “Going into the project, we wanted to use the power of music to unite Jamaica. Freedom Shines brings together the old and the new — everything old is new again!” Adrian Locke adds, “Tarrus, Gyptian, Busy, Warrior and Turbulence loved the idea of reintroducing a classic with a special spin on it.” Indeed, freedom certainly shines on Truckback’s first release of 2012.

    Original Dancehall – Tarrus Riley – #FreedomShines – Truckback Records 2012 by Truckback Records

    Tell Dem Already – Busy Signal – #FreedomShines – Truckback Records 2012 by Truckback Records

    Time and Wisdom – Warrior King – #FreedomShines – Truckback Records 2012 by Truckback Records

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  • Brother B Nomination at the 43rd NAACP Image Awards in Hollywood

    Grenadian Soca music artist Brother B has been nominated at this years prestigious NAACP awards in Hollywood, USA.

    The NAACP awards are the highest awards for people of Colour in Hollywood. The NAACP is an accolade presented by the American National Association of the Advancement of Coloured people. The NAACP, honor outstanding people of Colour in the fields of: Television, Music, Film and Literature. Tropicalfete Congratulates Brother B.

    This nomination is the biggest nomination in Soca Music history so far. Brother B’s album ‘Carnival Fever’ has been nominated for ‘Outstanding World Music’ album. The same album was entered to the Grammy Awards by King Chero Records who has been given Grammy clearance to submit music it distributes to the Awards for consideration. The NAACP spotted the ‘Carnival Fever’ album from there and the rest is now history.

    The ‘Carnival Fever’ album includes music produced by many Grenadian producers including Jimmi King at King beats Studios and Doggy Productions.

    Brother B won two awards in the Soca Music Awards in London in 2009 for Best International Male. And Best Soca track for ‘Little wine’, which is produced by Doggy Productions. The artist has been performing across England, USA and Canada over the last few years. Brother B also released a few albums since including ‘Best of Brother B’ in 2011 and ‘A Step Ahead’. ‘More Fire’ was his first album released in 2008. Brother B also takes part in Grenada ‘Spicemas’ carnival and Carriacou carnival, performing at many events during those seasons.

    Brother B states: ‘It is a great honor to be nominated at the 43rd NAACP Image Awards in Hollywood, USA. Coming from the wonderful Island of Grenada and creating music in the Soca arena, it is amazing that the music has reached so far and is accepted. I thank the producers that worked on this album as well as all the fans and supporters. I also thank Jah for all the blessings he sends my way. And a big thanks to my family and friends for all their support.’

    Artists nominated in various music categories at the 43rd NAACP image awards include: Beyonce, Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, Mary Mary, Kirk Frankin, Diggy Simmons, Mindless Behaviour, Common, Drake and Mary J Blige.

    In the Outstanding World Music category Brother B is nominated alongside World Music artists: Sounds of Blackness, Susan Baca, Alex Heffes and Boukman Eksperyans.

    All Brother B’s albums are available on Itunes, Amazon, Last Fm and all major online digital retailers.

    There will be a press conference in Grenada to mark this achievement.
    The NAACP awards will be shown live at NBC on Friday 17th February 2012. See link below for to see the full list of nominees

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  • Icons Of Reggae March 11 ft Ali Cambells Ub40 & Toots & Maytals

    Icons of Reggae in Concert Lovers of reggae music will have a great opportunity to enjoy some of the stalwarts and Icons of this genre when Effective Music & Entertainment presents the “Icons of Reggae in Concert” on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at the Central Broward Regional Park, 3700 NW 11th Pl. Lauderhill, Fl. 33313.

    Headlining this bevy of superstars are legendary Toots & the Maytals (who along with Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley are regarded as the fathers of Reggae music), Ali Campbell’s UB40 the former lead singer of UB40 band who have sold over 75 million records worldwide. Other Icons include Mykal ‘Grammy’ Rose, former lead singer of Black Uhuru, winners of the first Reggae Grammy. Prolific Rocksteady/Reggae singer John Holt , his slow romantic style is recognized as the fore runner of the Lovers Rock sub genre. Daddy U Roy the ‘Originator’ whose style of `Toasting’ is one of the pioneers of the DJ/Rap culture from the 60’s. `The Queen of the Dance Hall ‘ Lady Saw the first female DJ to win a Dance Hall Grammy. The harmonizing protest singers The Wailing Souls, nominated 3 times for the Reggae Grammy. The beautiful songbird Etana plus local stars Ambelique, Mical Rustle and the Code Red Band. Dj music is by Glamma Wayne of Gemini Disco fame.

    Berris White, CEO of Effective Music & Entertainment, (Executive Producers of this event) says he grew up with this music and many of these stars and saw the need to still recognize and showcase the stalwarts and originators of this genre and the high standards of the original style of Reggae music. He hopes “Icons of Reggae in Concert” will be an annual event to showcase these Icons and what better time to start than on this year the celebration of Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence.

    Gates open at 12 noon and show time is 2pm sharp. In addition to the exciting music there will also be great food from many of our local Caribbean chefs and restaurants, arts and craft vendors and displays showcasing Jamaica’s 50th Independence, plus activities for children including Bounce House and face painting.

    Tickets for this fun filled day of festive music for the family are $32 (early bird up to Jan. 31.) $42 after and $52 at the gate. Children under 12 free if accompanied by an adult. VIP tickets (inclusive of preferred parking, seating and refreshments) are $100. Tickets are available at, all Ticketmaster outlets including participating Wal Mart stores, local Caribbean ticket outlets or online at

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    Since the start of 2012 dancehall Icon Bounty Killer has released a few songs to date which exemplifies the direction and wisdom this artist has shown within the last3 years.
    While not relinquishing his persona as an hardcore act, he aims to be more resourceful and as such he has started the year on a positive note releasing a song titled ‘Be On The Alert’ featuring Wayne Marshall which is produced by Payday Music on the Real Reggae Riddim.
    The song which appears to be cautioning parents and the wider society to be cognisant of persons who they interact with on a day to day basis, as these persons may be ‘Pedophiles/Child Molestors’. Here are a few words from the song itself,

    (Wayne Marshall)
    “Mi Really Cyaa Believe
    Wah Mi See a Gwaan Pon Earth
    Mi See Bigman a Kidnap likkle Girl
    Jus fi Tek Off Dem Skirt
    Now Nuhbady Cyaa Find Har
    Nuh Matter How Hard Dem A Search
    She Neva Live Fi Si Har Dream
    Or Get Fi See Har Dream
    Baby Weh Jus get Birth

    (Bounty Killer)
    Ina di Middle a di day Or when di Night Come Down
    Be on di Watch Fi Some Bwoy weh Yuh See A Come Around
    Dem Same One A Tek Di Kids Dem From Di Home
    And Tek Dem Outa Bound
    Neva To Be Found
    Till Yuh Hear She Find In Water
    And A Neva Drown She Drown
    The Child Has Been Molested By A Male Dat Fully Grown
    To Hurt Di Children Dat We Cyaa Condone
    Cause Dat A Big Folly Ground

    The lyrics and message being portrayed by this song is of immense importance and significance to all classes, as the occurrence of this behaviour is limited to no person, class or creed. The Stanza is surely on point and this song will definitely resonate with all well-thinking people.

    He has also recorded and released a song titled ‘Thine Will Be Done On Earth’ on the Cool Down Riddim which epitomizes his stature as nothing but “Legendary”. The song is ‘timeless and priceless’ and can be said to be Reggae/Dancehall’s first prayer for 2012.
    Fans don’t usually get the opportunity to hear Bounty Killer in this way as he sings and djs on this solo track, a track where the artist is asking for divine intervention and speaking to the ills of today’s society, the division, violence, poverty etc., but goes one step further within the song to encourage people to stay militant and don’t lose their core as this may be your downfall in life. These are the first few lines of the song:

    We need a divine intervention
    Too much war and contention
    Too much hatred a mention
    Where is the love and affection
    Everyman a hold dem own section
    No Unity A Segregation
    Mi a wonda weh dem a wait pon
    Fi centralize di nation

    You may further listen the song here:

    Bounty Killer is fervent on making good music and setting a standard where his younger Alliance Next Generation artistes can follow and emulate and as such the Dancehall Icon has implemented and instilled in his camp a series on Morals and Principles that he believes will assist members of his camp to stay true to themselves and be more focused.
    He also wishes to share these with the wider public, as he believes his fans and family keeps him grounded. These Morals and Principles are as follows;

    1. Love God and Live
    2. Honor Your Mother and Father
    3. Who Forget Where They are Coming From Has No Where Going
    4. Dont Burn Your Bridges
    5. Never Try To Outshine Your Master
    6. Each One Teach One To Reach One
    7. Alliance Means Mutual Benefit, You Help Me To Help We
    8. Dont Get Bitter Get Better
    9. If It’s Not Rough It’s Not Right, Easy Comess Easy Goes
    10. Never Swap Your Soul 4 Gold

    Bounty Killer may be one of dancehall’s most controversial artiste but it is without fact that his contribution to Dancehall is tantamount to the growth of dancehall itself over the years, whether through introducing new talents, doing recordings or even just his presence itself. His legendary status in dancehall has no rival and with over 20 years at the top of his game he shows no signs of slowing down. This seems to be another Bounty-full year for the Alliance General and his ANG Camp.

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    Happy Birthday, Ms Paige!

    And here are her gifts to YOU…

    As today is Toronto artiste, Ms Paige’s, birthday, she’s decided that there’s no better way to celebrate than to share not one, but TWO gifts with YOU!

    This has been quite the busy and exciting year for Ms Paige thus far with the December release of NICE & SLOW on the Aye Anthem Riddim produced by St. Lucia’s Slaughter Arts and the New Year’s Day release of CALLIN ME produced by St. Vincent’s Fryktion.

    And now, for your gifts:

    #1 The much anticipated release of Ms Paige’s very first music video! A Soca Dread #OnDeScene production, we bring to you, NICE & SLOW. Ms Paige would like to thank all those involved in this production, especially: videographer and editor Soca Dread, Twilight Nightclub, makeup artist Trish IslandBesos, leading man Mario Murray, riddim producer Slaughter Arts and constant supporters Jump Up Kingz. Attached, you will also find the promo image and the official Press Release for the video release, written by Tricia Whiteley, Media Specialist, Ms Paige Music.

    #2 Where better to view the video than on the newly-redesigned – the new home to everything Ms Paige?! Stay up to de times with new music, check out the photo galleries, and even read up on the latest press releases. also connects you to all of Ms Paige’s social networks, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Bandcamp…let’s be social @mspaigemusic!

    You can also view the NICE & SLOW music video at:

    And don’t forget NICE & SLOW, along with all other Ms Paige Music releases, are available for FREE DOWNLOAD at

    Love, peace and sooooooooooca

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    Christopher Wallace better known as Dr. Love hails from Clarendon, Jamaica. He is the cousin of late rapper BIGGIE SMALLS (aka NOTORIOUS BIG). Dr. Love’s music career started in 1994 as a disc jockey under the alias “Love Doctor. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur who established his own construction company, ventured into concert promotion and built a solid reputation as a lovers-rock singer /songwriter in the New York Tri-State.
    After winning two consecutive “Singer of the Year” awards at New Jersey Annual Reggae Award Show, he quickly gained notoriety. He is greatly inspired by artists such as: Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Kenny Rogers, Willy Nelson, Percy Sledge, Ray Charles and Pat Kelly who pushed his career to another level.
    Dr. Love’s desire is to make positive music that appeal to all ages and inspire people from all walks of life. His vast repertoire of rousing lover’s rock, smooth style, coupled with the melodic drum & bass, creates a serene live experience!
    Throughout the years, he has shared the stage with Richie Stephens, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Warrior King, Tony Rebel, Ninja Man, Ray Goodman & Brown, as well as Def Jam Recording Artists Fabolous, Rick Ross, and others. He recently accompanied Richie Stephens on a four-week tour launching his new album “Reggae Evolution.” He will also be performing with Jamaica’s Rising Star Romaine Virgo on the upcoming New Jersey Reggae Awards.
    Dr Love latest single “Now I’m Strong” is currently available on ITUNES & CD BABY.

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    Dancehall Eton ‘Calado’ Gordon is keen on making a mark for himself this year. The artist who has been a member of Bounty Killer’s
    ANG camp since last year summer has seen growth in his career since being apart of the group and he feels that it is only a matter of time before gets the break
    that he is looking for.

    The artist was also the Jamaica Star nominee for ‘Upcoming artist of the Year 2011’ and has been performing across the island on a regular note since his
    induction in the ANG camp. “Since being apart of ANG i have been getting more recognition by fans and people in the music business, i have also gotten the
    opportunity to perform more regularly at stage shows across the island and a few major ones. My songs are being played more regularly on the radio, selectors and
    disc jocs and giving my music more plays in the parties and dances and people are taking my career more serious, so its a good look overall”

    Songs such as Carry On, Provide, Nuh Gal cyaa Tear Mi have been getting regular rotation on radio and in parties for 2011 and he wants to capitalize on this by working
    even smarter for 2012.

    Since the start of 2012 Calado has hit the ground running and has already recorded and released 3 tracks showing different sides to his versatility. A track titled
    ‘Life On A Whole’, produced by Payday Music Group (Bad Into Riddim) where the artist expounds on the rough times that people go through in life, on a whole. Another track titled “Calado
    Lyrical’ on Payday Music Group’s lyrical Overdrive Riddim sees the artist spitting some unusual ryhmes and flows that is definitely a ‘Next Generation’ flow and style,
    but, it may be the song titled ‘Sex Mi Mind Deh’, produced by Cash Flow Records that seems to be creating quite a stir. An underground video has been done for the song
    and seems to be doing well as it has racked up over 8,000 views in 5 days and the artist is in the process of recording a radio edited version of the song based on
    the love it has been getting from fans worldwide. To view for yourself here is the link for the youtube video

    Calado who is no stranger to having number one videos such as ‘Sad Streets’ & ‘Badmind’ on local television channels will now be focusing on promoting his latest
    video ‘Provide’ and his tracks. He has distributed over 5,000 CDs in the last year and aims to go even harder this year. It is definitely expected that Calado will
    create an positive impact in dancehall worldwide, he limits himself to no one genre as he believes music is much bigger than one genus, but, embraces dancehall as his

    “I am a dancehall artist, but, my music transcends all boundaries, I listen to all types of music and fuse what i think is best. creativity is what i am full of so
    i can listen to anything and do it in my own style and flavor. I must give thanks to Bounty Killer first for giving me this opportunity a my General dat, big up Cross
    Cris cause a real yute dat, he is the one who really took me to Bounty Killer. Big up di whole team around me cause the work is paying off, as Icon say ‘Don’t worry
    about howcome it’s all about the outcome’, Dre Day and di whole team nuff respect and to my street team keep doing the good work”.

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    Every Carnival we hear soca stories of how lust blossoms in fetes, with almost all artistes depending on their musical accompaniment, or some near nude dancer to carry them because their stories contain little or no sensible lyrics.
    This year, however, calypsonian Gary Cordner has given groovy soca lovers two for the price of one—good melody and sensible lyrics.
    He has skilfully turned an experience in which he was hit on by a waitress into his inspiration for Seduction, a release that has been getting lots of airplay. According to Cordner, he was minding his own business at a restaurant, when one of the waitresses slipped him her phone number. “I fit it into a party situation, put sensible lyrics and a beautiful melody to it, and that was it.”
    Based on the lyrics of Seduction, Cordner went to the party “to wine,” but instead of just “taking a wine,” he does the gentlemanly thing and asks for a dance. He uses the soca jargon, which has all the elements of lust, but it is so tastefully done that it sounds pretty decent. And the musical accompaniment is just as contagious.
    Cordner has been in the business for the past 18 years, and has graced the stages of all the calypso tents. He currently does the closing act for Icons calypso tent, led by Cro Cro. However, despite almost two decades of composing and performing experience, he has deliberately shied away from competition. “I am not an in-your-face type of person. I give a tremendous performance and then I disappear.”
    The calypso stalwart sees ole-time calypso as a dying art form, but believes soca is a beautiful alternative. “Some of the most popular music have soca music as its base. A good example is Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie. If you listen well you will definitely pick up the soca in it.” Cordner laments the fact that some talented artistes don’t get the recognition they deserve because they are ignored by the broadcast and print media. “The radio and print media promote one set of artistes. They don’t pay attention to music but to individuals. They refuse to acknowledge that some individuals are not as talented they think.”
    This lack of support, he said, exists not only in music but in several areas of the society. “We in T&T have to believe in and support each other, be it in music or sports. That is why everything is falling apart, because we don’t support each other. All I am asking is for T&T to love ourselves.”

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  • Camille Kaye performing at Driven Music Conference

    Camille Kaye performing at Driven Music Conference.
    Midilord Inc. would like to announce that Camille Kaye has been selected to perform at the Driven Music Conference. This annual event is hosted at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Hollywood, Florida from January 27th to 29th 2012.

    Camille Kaye is scheduled to perform on Friday September 27th at midnight, on the Seminole Paradise Center Court Stage. She is the only Jamaican artist performing on this showcase, which will have a diverse selection of acts performing for two nights. This is going to be a great platform to show off her talents, not only to her growing fan base, but also to music business professionals from companies such as Atlantic Records, The Recording Academy, and Vans Warp Tour, just to name a few.

    This Conference connects bands and music fans with some of the music industry’s most influential executives. The Driven Music conference offers Bands, solo artists and duos of all genres, the opportunity to discuss their careers at panel discussions with people like Jeff Levin (Atlantic Records A&R), Jason & Aaron Bieler (Bieler Brothers Records owners), Isaac Heyman (Leverage Records A&R), and Kevin Lyman (Van’s Warped Tour founder)
    Camille Kaye has been dubbed the “Quadruple Threat.” This beautiful singer, songwriter, dancer, and choreographer continues to charm listeners through her unique vocal style of blending R&B with dance hall/reggae. Camille always leaves a lasting impression with live performances, which she choreographs on her own. All her music production is under the close supervision of her manager/producer Duane “Midilord” Summers, former production manager/engineer for Sean Paul, and touring engineer for Shaggy.

    The first two singles Camille Kaye released were Ring Di Alarm and Not Like This in 2010. Early 2011 she followed up with the release of another song called Trouble. Then on September 3, 2011 she released her debut mixtape titled “Bad Nuh…!” which garnered 2500 downloads in one week. All of her music is available for free download on The Driven Music Conference will add to the already impressive list of events she has performed at such as, Atlanta Jerk Fest, and Miami Broward Carnival.
    “I love Camille Kaye dj (chant) style, she is like dancehall’s Nikki Minaj” Jeremy Harding-Producer and former manager for Sean Paul
    “I didn’t know who Camille Kaye was, until now. This girl has a thing going on over in Miami, where she is representing Jamaica.” Chris Chin-
    “You’re the only one who truly rep Jamaica, others are pop or R&B and drop in some reggae.“ Brian Hugh-Rockwidaz Entertainment.
    “Camille Kaye is one of the most multi-talented artists I have been exposed to in a long time. She can sing, dj (chant), rap and dance well! She will be a major force in music!” Jason Sky Walker-WRFG radio 89.3FM, and
    2012 promises to be a very busy year for Camille Kaye. Her plans for the year include music videos, an EP, choreography for other artists, and not to mention more live performances in Florida, and Jamaica. Special attention is being paid to her very unique combination of talents, of which will be revealed very soon.

    Camille Kaye is available for phone interviews. Please contact Duane Summers at 786 423 6500 to set up a time that is convenient.

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  • Singing Melody Shares His New Album ‘They Call Me Mr. Melody’

    With the release of his 6th studio album ‘They Call Me Mr. Melody,’ and with feverish demand from fans in Florida, Singing Melody will appear on the Rich Davis show, one of the most popular in the region!

    The Shem Music Productions and VP Records recording artist has received accolades from media who call Mr. Melody’s album ‘a triumph,’ and ‘filling a much needed role’ in their descriptions of fan feedback. On Saturday January 21st, technically Sunday January 22nd at 2:00am, Melody takes to the airwaves with Rich Davis where he’ll not only speak to the host, but interact with fans one on one live!

    Sounds of the Caribbean broadcasts on 91.3 WLRN FM, and has done so since April, 2007 where host Rich Davis gives listeners the latest and best music from the Caribbean’s best artists. Of Mr. Melody, Rich says “I’m really looking forward to speaking to Singing Melody. He’s one of our favourite artists who has put out a quality album!”

    Make sure you tune in to Sounds of the Caribbean via on Saturday January 21st at 2:00am (technically 2:00am Sunday January 22nd, 2012) to hear the latest developments on Singing Melody’s album, and plans for the upcoming tour!

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  • International Soca Monarch Competition 2012 – SEMI FINALISTS

    International Power Soca Monarch Competition 2012 – SEMI FINALISTS ARTISTE
    1. Adrian Hackshaw – Third Bass

    2. Denise Belfon

    3. Destra Garcia

    4. Devon Samuel – Prophet Benjamin

    5. Dexter Stewart – Blaxx

    6. Erphaan Alves

    7. Gary Cordner

    8. JW & Blaze

    9. Joel Feveck – Zan

    10 Kerwin Du Bois

    11. Laurence Jack – Coyaba

    12. Marvin Davis – Swappi

    13. Megan Walrond

    14. Michelle X & Kes

    Nadia Batson

    Neil Iwer George

    Olatunji Yearwood

    Patrice Roberts

    Prestan Andries

    Problem Child & Tallpree

    Shurwayne Winchester

    Shal Marshall

    Tony Prescott

    Victor St. Louis – Pelf

    Wesley Hoyte – C’Donia

    Winston Bailey – Shadow

    Groovy Soca Monarch Competition 2012 – SEMI FINALISTS


    1. Anthony Hendrickson – All Rounder

    2. Darryl Henry – Farmer Nappy

    3. Destra Garcia

    4. Dexter Stewart – Blaxx

    5. Dwayne Arthur – Skhi

    6. Erphaan Alves

    7. Gamal Doyle – Skinny Fabulous

    8. Jardine Legere – Jadel

    9. JW & Blaze

    10. Kenneth Richards – K Rich

    11. Kerwin Du Bois

    12. Khori Francis – Ziggy Ranking

    13. Kimba Sorzano

    14. Kris Persad – KI

    Laurence Gonzalez Adams – Mr. Renzo

    Lima Calbio

    Machel Montano

    Nadia Batson

    Patrice Roberts

    Roderick Gordon – Chucky

    Rodney LeBlanc – Benjai

    Shivonne Churche – Lil Bitts

    Shurwayne Winchester

    Shal Marshall

    Terri Lyons

    Terrin Callender – Super Jigga TC

    Winston Henry – Explainer

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    Jamaica, January 19, 2012:- Fast rising singing sensation Claudia Edward has claimed reggae as her musical love and proclaims this with the release of two new singles: This Love and Loving You. Both songs are being released as she seeks to conquer new ears and claim a reggae fan base.

    The St Lucian based artiste is very excited about her foray into the genre and says she expects people will warm to her style: “Reggae is in my blood and is a genre that I have been singing since I was a child. Last year I did a lot of work with dancehall star Ce’Cile who actually wrote both songs. We recorded the vocals at Big Yard Studio in Kingston getting the support from some of the best in the reggae business”.

    Claudia says the response to the two tracks have been positive and motivates her to delve deeper into the reggae genre: “I have been getting a lot of reviews from not only Jamaicans but my fans all over the Caribbean and it has been wonderful the way that the songs have accepted. When I posted the songs on my twitter and on my facebook people were so excited by them and kept asking when I was going to do a reggae album”

    The artiste who is a classically trained singer has been performing professionally since the age of 14, starting out as a lead choir singer and then moving into the hotel circuit. She is very popular in her home country of St Lucia and has in the past been nominated for “Best Female Artist of the year” in the “St. Lucia Fine Arts Awards. A regular on festivals in that region having performed on the St Lucia Jazz Festival in 2002, 2009 and 2010 as well as Grenada’s 2003 Spice Festival, Claudia wants to move to another stage of her career with two well produced and delivered reggae tracks.

    Ce’Cile Charlton who is known for her dancehall hits Coffee, Goody Goody and Hot Like We as well as for reggae hits such as When You’re Gone and Missing You, says Claudia is a gem: “Claudia is very talented and I am happy to have worked with her. The two songs that she is releasing now are good examples of how good her voice is and I know that she will do well as a reggae artiste. While we were recording the songs I was amazed at how naturally her voice complimented the reggae beats and hearing the finished product brings pleasure to my ears.”

    Claudia for her part is happy to have gotten the chance to work with Ce’Cile: “Working with Ce’Cile was a pleasure and the whole team at Big Yard really made the music that much better. I am sure that going forward I will be working much more with them as the music we produce is getting a good reception Caribbean-wide”

    Claudia’s This Love is on the Everest Riddim and her second track Loving You is on the Orion Riddim. Both songs have been released to radio in Jamaica and are available on itunes.

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  • Patricia Meschino says lineup is a tribute to Jamaica’s history

    Jamaica 2012 – The 2012 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival – The Art of Music, set for January 26 to 28, has been lauded for its selected mix of current and more traditional offerings.
    Putting together an all-star Jamaica lineup on the opening night of the festival is seen as significant as the securing of Canadian superstar Celine Deon, according to a prominent music writer.

    Influential New York-based music writer, Patricia Meschino, who has covered all major Caribbean music festivals, credited Art of Music Productions (AMP) chairman Walter Elmore and his team for highlighting the indigenous music of Jamaica – past and present – during the festival’s opening on Thursday night (January 26).

    “I am happy to see this move, linking the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence to the musical genius of Jamaica … it’s a nice idea and I look forward to see how it is presented,” said Meschino, the Caribbean correspondent for Billboard Magazine.

    In honor of Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, the opening night of the festival is dedicated to all the rich sounds that have shaped Jamaica’s music over the past 50 years, and so it will feature ska, rocksteady, dancehall and reggae, the island nation’s influential contributions to world music.

    Set to perform on the opening night are Shaggy, Richie Stephens and Gentleman, John Holt, Yellow Man, Half Pint, Marcia Griffiths, Lloyd Parkes and We The People, George Nooks, Luciano, Mykal Rose, AJ Brown, Pluto Shervington, Etana, Chris Martin, Marcia Barrett (Boney M), Derrick Morgan, Assassin (Agent Sasco), and Byron Lee’s Dragonaires.

    The award-winning Meschino, who covers all aspects of Caribbean music and entertainment for other outlets like Air Jamaica’s SkyWritings magazine, predicts Thursday’s lineup will inspire pride in Jamaicans both at home and abroad with hundreds of Jamaican-Americans returning for the festival.

    “I think it will be nostalgic for the Diaspora to see how Jamaican music has evolved and set the standard for so many other genres,” she said, adding such a presentation was “a first” for the jazz festival.

    Meschino, recently honored for journalism excellence at the Caribbean Media Exchange symposium in the United States Virgin Islands, admired Elmore’s securing of Celine Deon: “Celine is bigger than a Top 40 artiste … she is on a stratospheric level in a class by herself … and her booking says a lot about the work Walter Elmore has being doing throughout the Caribbean over the years,” she asserted.

    Other artistes slated to perform at the festival include Cee-Lo Green, Nicole Henry, Heads of State (featuring Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant), Jully Black, Earl Klugh, The Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards, Destra, and Tessanne Chin and Tami Chynn.

    The 2012 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival – The Art of Music is supported in part by the Jamaica Tourist Board, Iberostar Hotels and Resorts, FLOW, RIU Hotels & Resorts, Half Moon – A RockResort, Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, Sunset Resorts, CVM TV (official television partner), The Gleaner (official print partner), Scotiabank, Pure Country, Loyal Haylett Management Services, Delta Air Lines, Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort, Heineken, Johnny Walker and Smirnoff.

    For further information, visit

    About Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival – The Art of Music
    Started in 1996 by Air Jamaica, in association with the Jamaica Tourist Board and several other business entities, Walter Elmore took over the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in 2004. It has grown over the years and is now a favorite on the calendar not only of Jamaicans but people from all over the world. Attracting more than 25,000 patrons annually, the event has now been expanded to include the resort regions of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

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  • Shurwayne & Popcaan Deliver Soca Remix-

    Trinidad. ———-Who ever said Caribbean unity was far fetched, hadn’t met Shurwayne Winchester. His determination to bridge all gaps when it comes to music is overwhelmingly refreshing and his method of doing it has garnered the appreciation of many people, spanning the Caribbean’s diverse music industry. Today, Winchester’s voice will be heard alongside that of dancehall’s newest superstar, Popcaan. The pair recently completed the remix to Shurwayne’s single, Nobody Badda Dan We or Shorty as it’s referred to, which, even before its remix, was considered a very strong single, worthy of tremendous attention.

    Shurwayne’s focus when it comes to music has changed considerably in the past year. His aim now is to produce and keep producing, write and keep writing and never stop pushing for global acceptance of his style. He understands the power of collaborative work and teaming up with Popcaan – an artiste whose style is adored by young Caribbean movers and shakers, is definitely a good move on Winchester’s part. The pair is likely to perform the single when Shurwayne hits the stage at events this season.

    Separately, Shurwayne’s heading home to Tobago this Friday where he’ll perform for, what is expected to be a massive crowd at the Bmobile sponsored, Soca Spree, which takes place in Tobago annually. The artiste has a number of huge soca tracks this year and coupled with his hits of past seasons, there’s no doubt that the crew in Tobago will have a blast courtesy Shurwayne and Y.O.U. this Friday!

    Check out Shurwayne’s carnival itinerary at

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  • Fetes- Licensing Fete

    Trinidad. ——- Caribbean unity stands at the fore of Tri-Star Promotion’s carnival campaign as it has in years gone by. This year, one of Jamaica’s most promising dancehall entertainers will join his Trinidad and Tobago Soca compatriots on the big stage at one of the season’s traditional big fetes- Licensing Fete. With a recently released remix to Shurwayne Winchester’s hit single, Nobody Badda Dan We, Popcaan is ready to please party lovers on January 28th at Licensing compound, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain.

    Having been to T&T a few times before, Popcaan- real name, Andre Sutherland understands the dynamic of the people and according to organisers, he’s excited to be a part of the Carnival celebration. Despite concerns about the over-exposure and proliferation of dancehall music within T&T’s soca season, Tri-Star Promotions is bent on using the festival and its feting element to encourage cross-Caribbean unity. “Music is the answer to solve any kind of separation we may have in the Caribbean. This is Caribbean love and unity. As Caribbean people, we have to embrace the cultures and expressions of each territory and that’s what we’re promoting each year when we bring a couple Caribbean acts to our events,” said a representative of Tri-Star.

    This year, Licensing fete is being staged with the advantage of additional space being afforded for the comfort of all in attendance. The cast in 2012 is also of a very high calibre with Roy Cape and the All Stars, Shurwayne Winchester &YOU, Nadia Batson & SASS, Kes The Band and Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons and Asylum billed as the five big bands for the night.

    For years, Licensing Fete has proven to be a fete for the real carnival lovers with a tight show aimed at keeping the massive crowd constantly entertained. Years ago, it was one of the fetes where two stages were erected so patrons could enjoy one band immediately after another but that dynamic has since changed, allowing for less of a hustle among patrons to cross the venue. On January 28th, patrons to Licensing Fete are being assured that this year will offer all the things they’ve been yearning for in a Carnival Fete. “ With Shurwayne and his band, the crowd will get a perfect mix of power and groovy songs- enough to make them jump, wave, wine and eventually wind down. Nadia and her all-female band, SASS have what it takes- we know that for sure now, and with Bunji and Fay Ann- the energy is always at a climax,” said a spokesperson for the organisers.
    “Tickets have been reasonably priced to encourage everyone to come out in support of this fete- yet another traditional carnival fete that really is a staple to the season,” said the spokesperson.
    The fete takes place one week prior to another big Carnival staple, which takes place in East Trinidad. WASA Fete will feature Dancehall King, Beenie Man along with the top soca stars of the season.

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    British Underground, an organization responsible bringing UK’s top talent to South by Southwest for the past 10 years, presents this year’s SXSW ‘Bass Culture’ panel and showcase, which explores the resurgence of reggae in the British music scene. Reggae’s journey has played a vital role in the development of jungle, drum & bass,
    dub-step, grime, UK reggae and UK hip-hop, evolving into an all encompassing title known as Bass Culture. This diverse palette of sub-genres will be well represented by Bass Culture’s most prominent artists – including Gappy Ranks, Little Roy, Natty, Lady Leshurr, Rasites and Kenny Ken.

    The SXSW showcase will feature live performances by the previously mentioned artists at The Driskill Hotel’s Victorian Room on Friday, March 16. On the following day (March 17) a panel of industry experts discuss their influential roles in Bass Culture. These key figures include producer/writer Mykaell Riley from the Grammy-winning group Steel Pulse, Channel One Sound System DJ Mikey Dread, BBC’s radio personality Robbo Ranx and recording artist Lady Leshurr.

    An official website for the project will launch February 1 and unveils an archive of key tracks, podcasts, rare documentaries, editorial, directory and schedule of events. There will also be a one-off Bass Culture fanzine – edited by Paul Bradshaw and
    designed by Swifty from respected underground British magazine ‘Straight No Chaser’ -that will be distributed exclusively at SXSW.

    Scroll down for a brief synopsis of the artists.

    Little Roy cut his first single at the legendary Studio One in 1965 and grew up in Kingston surrounded by many of Jamaican music’s biggest hitters – Prince Buster, Lee Perry, Bunny Wailer & Peter Tosh. Later a growing interest in the emerging rasta religion saw him release some early roots classics such as “Prophesy,” “Christopher Columbus,” and “Tribal War.” In September 2011, Little Roy released the album, Battle For Seattle, through Ark Recordings. The critically acclaimed album, which received 4 stars in Mojo, The Telegraph and The Times, is a collection of 10 songs recorded by Nirvana in a reggae style and is the brainchild of Prince Fatty aka Mike Pelanconi and the Mutant Hi-Fi aka Nick Coplowe.

    Gappy Ranks was born and raised in Harlesden, North London by a Jamaican father and Dominican mother. He gained early support and recognition from local sound systems and pirate radio stations with his studio debut at aged 11. He went on to land a series of collaborations with the likes of Kray Twinz, Twista and MC Lethal B. Gappy released his eagerly awaited debut album Put The Stereo On in 2010 on UK reggae and dancehall label Greensleeves Records. Now with his second LP Thanks & Praise and an appearance on Later with Jools, Gappy is proving to be a popular live draw, headlining shows across Europe, Asia & USA.

    Describing his music in a tongue-in-cheek manner as “Damian Marley meets Neil Young,” North Londoner Natty is no newcomer in the music world. Ditching the guitar he learned to play at 10, he spent his teenage years creating hip-hop beats for rapping mates. His bedroom mastery of music production landed him a job at premier recording studio Sphere in Battersea, London. Natty only picked up his guitar again as he turned 18, beginning to write songs during the studio’s downtime. After leaving Sphere, Natty started gigging around London attracting a buzz. Things quickly picked up for Natty with a recording contract with Atlantic Records, the release of “Man Like I,” his debut album and his first European tour including gigs with Baaba Maal, Lee Perry and Adele. After several years of touring, Natty took some time off to travel, explore new cultures and sounds, spending a lot of time in Africa, inspiring him to return with Change, his new EP, and he has secured his first U.S. tour supporting Ziggy Marley.

    Melesha O’Garro began rapping and writing poetry at the age of six, finding inspiration in the power of reggae legend Sister Nancy and later in her brother’s U.S. rap collection. She would compulsively rhyme in her bedroom over his records – imitating, adapting and improvising on the MCs’ styles. By secondary school she was honing her skills at parties where she DJed and rapped over drum and bass, garage and grime. Her show-stopping take on Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes’s “Look at me Now” notched up over 80,000 views in one day on, and now has in excess of 500,000 YouTube views. Inspired by the likes of Tinie Tempah, Wretch32 and Tinchy Stryder, she has built a reputation as “The Best Spitter in the UK.” The industry buzz is building from the likes of Mike Skinner to Nicky Minaj, who herald her as the “next big thing.” Her debut album is due in Spring 2012 and she’s developing her own clothing and accessories line and record label.

    Until the arrival of Rasites, the UK reggae scene hadn’t witnessed a young band devoted to writing and playing all their own material. The Jet Star recording artists lit up the roots market with their debut album Urban Regeneration.
    Rasites joined the Grammy-winning reggae super group Black Uhuru on a 6-week European tour in 2007 and Jamaican vocal group, The Mighty Diamonds, on a 3-week UK tour in 2009. Then the Rasites teamed up with Andrew Tosh, son of Peter Tosh, and Mykal Rose on a 5 week European tour. In 2011, members of the group recorded and performed with many reggae greats, including Yellow Man, Marcia Griffiths, Natty, Gappy Ranks, Levi Roots and Little Roy. Rasites have recently set up their own production company, ITES UP LTD.

    Kenny Ken is a household name in the world of jungle and drum and bass. He started DJing in 1989, winning the Jungle Soundclash in 1994. He’s played at all the big raves over the years and enjoys playing music to the masses. Kenny is still playing all over the world, spreading the jungle vibe. He’s also in the studio and runs two record labels – Mix and Blen recordings started in 1997 and Monitor Recordings which relaunched in 2008.

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  • Cen’C Love Stands Firm at Rebel Salute 2012

    Kingston, Jamaica- After ending 2011 with multiple shows across the US, neo-soul reggae singer and daughter of Bunny Wailer, Cen’C Love returned to Jamaica to kick off a great year with her debut at Tony Rebel’s annual Rebel Salute held last weekend in Port Kaiser, St Elizabeth.

    Cen’C Love took to the stage in a beautiful white gown with beaded shoulders from mom Sequoia’s Ites International Goddess Collection at about 9pm with brother Asadenaki. The singer began her set with the no holds barred single ‘These Lies’ where Cen’C Love urged the women of Jamaica to go out and be themselves even if it is not in line with society’s standards. This was followed by her 2011 hit ‘Casanova’ which got the crowd singing along and banners raised. The Wailer duo ended their set with ‘Starving Artist’, the new song from Asadenaki about staying true to the art.

    When asked how she felt about her Rebel Salute debut Cen’C Love had this to say “it felt good to have such a great reception from the Jamaican and international audience.”

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