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Precision Productions Presents Benjai – The People's Champion & Machel Montano – Bottle of Rum

It is one thing to trod and widen a well-worn path, but quite another to pull away from the crowd and produce music that reconnects the musical ear to long forgotten sounds.

In their latest releases, Precision Productions unearth the soul of our music and breathe fresh new life into it with the use of all live instruments. The songs, vocalized by two Soca-soul veterans, Machel Montano and Benjai, are groovy elemental tunes that masterfully straddle the strength of the past and the vibrancy of our present culture.

Benjai’s ‘The People’s Champion,’ done in his signature hip swinging style expresses his deep devotion and commitment to not only keep this musical art form alive and ever-growing, but to also ensure that his fans, who crowned him as their king, forever thoroughly enjoy themselves with his offerings.

Machel meanwhile joyously yet responsibly embraces a long time love affair many Soca aficionados can easily identify with. ‘Bottle of Rum’ artistically reflects upon an essential feteing staple in a nostalgic and seductively entertaining way that revelers will be unable to resist, in more ways than one!

You will be hard pressed to hear any music this season that so cleverly reflects the past while still successfully forging towards our collective musical future. It is a difficult and brave direction to travel, however, it is one which Precision Productions have most definitely mastered.

Benjai – The People’s Champion
Written by Full Blown Entertainment and Kasey Phillips
Machel Montano – Bottle Of Rum
Written by Full Blown Entertainment, Machel Montano and Kasey Phillips

Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions
Live Musicians
Bass – Billy Joel Saunders
Drums – Alpha Simpson
Guitars – Jeremy Mc Intosh
Keys & Additional Production – Reuel Lynch
Background Vocals – Tricia Hamilton

Mastered By Sterling Sound, New York

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