World Premier – Bounty Killer ft Gabriel – Lollipop – (CRAZZZY!)

Rodney ‘Bounty Killer’ Price and Nancy ‘Gabriel’ Gordon have teamed up to do a “remake” of one of Jamaica’s biggest hit single, Millie Small’s 1964 smash hit “My Boy Lollipop”. The song, which was recorded on Tuesday, November 8, 2011, has been getting rave reviews from fans and music industry insiders alike all over the world.
Riddimstream.com that has been blasting the song all over the world since its release quotes, “This is probably dancehall’s biggest remake yet”. Over 50,000 people have already viewed the song worldwide accumulatively on different social media networks, blogs etc. Phone calls and emails are being sent from places such as Namibia, England and Europe showing interest in the song.
The producer of the track Leebert ‘Gibby’ Morrison believes that the song will do very well and expresses the joy of Bounty Killer representing on the single as this was not a coincident, but a dream. He states, quote “ Since the initial recording of the song by Gabriel, I deeply felt that Bounty Killer was the right artiste to represent, do remember this is a dancehall mix and as such I personally believe Bounty Killer is the best choice and sound we need to give the song its edge and appeal”. He also stated, ““If one does not appreciate music and the variety of flavours that come with it then they will not appreciate an artist like Gabriel. She is not just an everyday sound. You do not hear artists like Gabriel everyday.”

Nancy ‘Gabriel’ Gordon sees this opportunity as a dream come true for her as she explains, “Bounty Killer is an artiste that I personally look up to and respect, I have been told by him and others that my sound is very different and unique. I know that I will appeal to a more mature crowd readily, but my hope is that my unique style will be accepted and listened to by everyone”.
Bounty Killer sees this as the perfect opportunity to relive and be apart of history as this song was done over 40 years ago and still finds favor with fans all over the world. He says, “This song was before the inception of reggae and dancehall. I was not even born when the song was recorded, so this allows me to relive the past and also make the song relevant today to all fans worldwide. It is also an opportunity to expose another young talent who I believe has a sound reminiscent of the 60’s era. This may not be readily accepted by today’s dancehall, but it will surely be a classic that will do well worldwide, especially in the European market so I feel pleased to be apart of this project”.
The expectation of the song is huge. Millie Smalls’s version had sold millions worldwide and created quite a stir and pretty much the same is expected with this version

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