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Steelpan movie Panomundo World Premiere to be held of Friday, 17th October


UK/USA Award-winning filmmakers Keith Musaman Morton and Charysse Tia Harper will host the World Premiere of their documentary, Panomundo, on Friday, 17th October 2014, at 7:30PM at YAA Centre in west London. The film depicts the history of the steelpan and its global influence.

“This is an exciting moment for us, because audiences will be able to understand the impact the steelpan has made around the world!” exclaimed Morton.

Over the course of three years, the duo travelled to seven countries – Canada, England, Japan, Nigeria, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago and the United States – interviewing over 150 people, conducting research and hosting discussions about the topic. As independent filmmakers, Morton and Harper utitlised crowdfunding sites, such as Seed&Spark and Indiegogo, as well as hosted over 20 fundraisers to secure funds to produce the film.

Prior to the world premiere, there will be a 30-minute preview of the film at the 5th Biannual International Steelpan Conference’s Variety Evening on Sat., 11th October (beginning at 7:00PM) at YAA Centre, along with a private screening earlier that day. Panomundo will also be shown as part of the team’s “Bringing Sunshine to October” series as part of Black History Month.

“This has been a long road, but we are almost there,” said Harper. “I look forward to hearing the feedback as we take this film around the globe.”

Tickets for the Panomundo World Premiere are £7 each and can only be purchased the day of the event when doors open 7:00PM. YAA Centre is located at 1 Chippenham Mews, London W9 2AN.

Panomundo is a film co-produced by Komonopromo and Xplore the World. The 10-minute promo video can be viewed via link below. To find more information about the “Bringing Sunshine to October” series, visit panomundomovie.com or contact ch@xploretheworld.biz.

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