Wanna start your 2012 Carnival with a blast?? Guess what!!, Fya Empress graced The Castries Harbor Riddim with her new single “Rum Please”, this track invites you to pure undiluted Bacchanalism!!!!. Fya Empress makes no excuses for what she needs on the road for Vincy Mas 2012, and this time she is being nice about, she says “please’ hahaha. On the Castries Harbor riddim, produced by West Indian powerhouse production team Slaughter Arts Media, this pulsating sound is guaranteed to have to moving in a frenzy!!!. The riddim also features Ricardo Drue with a wickid track called “Sofa King” and Trevlyn & Shurwayne Winchester with “Mash Up Everything”.
The riddim is named after a historic city & harbor – located on the island of St Lucia. Castries was founded by the French in 1650 as “Carenage” (meaning safe anchorage), then renamed in 1756 after Charles Eugène Gabriel de La Croix, marquis de Castries, commander of a French expeditionary force to Corsica that year. Port Castries was awarded the 2012 Porthole Editor-In-Chief Award for “Best Caribbean Port” from Porthole Cruise Magazine.

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