Celebration for Gramps Morgan Tomorrow July 6th in New York !!!

With the official release of his album Reggae Music Lives, and his Earthstrong right around the corner, Gramps Morgan makes July 6th, 2012 a double celebration for fans in New York! Hosted by CDF Sound and Culture Disciples, Gramps Morgan takes centre stage at Brooklyn’s Culture Barn where he will be backed by his band as well as special guest DJ’s.
Gramps released his second studio album Reggae Music Lives to critical acclaim as being one of the best releases for 2012. It is noted as being an evolution of Gramps’ professional and musical growth expressed through his singing, narratives, arrangements and compositions. His melodies and hooks are seasoned with mature, worldly lyrics that are delivered flawlessly. All of his experiences have culminated in the creation of a universal sound that he says stems from exposure.
Angelic harmonies, authentic compositions and a unique sound brand, Gramps calls “Rockaz,” Reggae Music Lives is more than Reggae, it’s world-beat, with a little bit of country, a taste of what Americans call rap-Jamaicans call it toasting; mix it with a hint of r ‘n’ b, a dash of blues synthesized with contemporary reggae that maintains the integrity of the original art form and you get a sense of the musical accents that help to make Reggae Music Lives complete. Because of this, the album is being spoken of as a 2013 Grammy contender.

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