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Tobago's Telecruz Uses Swedish Connections- Delivers Sweat

Trinidad. November, 2011————- Tobago won’t be left behind, especially when they’ve got great things to offer the world. That’s the ideals of one of Tobago’s rising superstars who goes by the name, Telecruz. He’s been around, but in case you missed him, it must be told that Telecruz’s infectious melody and mesmerizing tone, has made it all the way to Sweden and back.

These days the Crown Point native is working hard to get his foot in the door as Carnival 2012 rears its head. He only recently released a track called, “Sweat” on the Benchmark Riddim, which was produced by 4Sons entertainment out of Sweden and subsequently mixed and mastered by Madmen Productions in Trinidad. His Swedish alliance is a unique one. He’s been working with the foreign music makers for some time- having capitalised on the link, making sure that his music is placed into the European domain. In fact, Teleruz’s first single ever released, “Caribbean Affair” which was done alongside Swedish pop vocalist, Swedish Maria, made it into the European market in a pretty decent way. The track was ranked number three on the Caribbean Countdown in Europe.

Telecruz’s determination to make it in the industry is one that cannot be broken. In fact, his new single “Sweat” was written alongside the producer to ensure that it was perfect for release. This method went against the norm of musical creation and Telecruz highlighted that it was just his way of increasing the possibility of perfection on a single that he truly enjoyed vocalizing. He even flew to Sweden to record the single and that in itself goes to show how much he believes in his first 2012 release.

With a collaborative track alongside soca trailblazer, Buffy also carded to be released in just about one week’s time, Telecruz is sounding the alarm. He’s making it known that he’s coming hard. Also in the mix of singles for the Carnival season up ahead, is a track done alongside Umi Marcano called, Sail Away. His link with Umi was made last year but it was felt that the track would have a more significant impact if released ahead of C2K12.

On a serious note, the entertainer revealed that each level aspired for, and acquired in the soca industry is appreciated by him since it has never been easy for artistes out of Tobago to make it. He said it’s often a harder fight and a tougher push, with Tobagonian artistes sometimes having to move to Trinidad in a bid to promote themselves in the market. Nevertheless, he said the extra push makes the accomplishment all the more rewarding when attained and with that in mind, Telecruz peomises to never stop pushing. The Tobago born artiste is vowing to join in the limelight with his brothers of soca in the season of revelry ahead.

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