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New York: Thunderous applause and a standing ovation from avid literary arts lovers cheered Jamaican writer Jean Lowrie-Chin on last night at the New York City launch of her book Souldance at the corporate offices of Ruder Finn Inc in midtown Manhattan. The audience in the jam-packed room was riveted by the passionate and dynamic readings of some of Lowrie Chin’s favorite poems and writings, some of which go back several years.

It seemed the audience could not get enough of the soul-stirring lyrics from yard, and the session reached a fever pitch crescendo when Lowrie-Chin was joined at the podium by playwright and actor David Heron who turned an already energized night of poetry into a sizzling, award-winning theatrical rave. Heron read three pieces from Souldance, and he had the audience spellbound with his dramatic modulations and his witty references to Lowrie-Chin whom he described as his long time mentor and trusted friend.

“I bought seven copies of the book tonight because I was very moved by the readings”, one attendee Nikimo Palache affirmed. “What I heard tonight was beautiful and sonic and I did not want to miss the opportunity to give my closest friends autographed copies of Souldance for the holidays”, he continued.

Jean Lowrie Chin is an extraordinarily gifted writer who has had a lifelong love affair with Jamaica. She loves the country and she writes about the many sides of the Jamaican experience. Souldance, now on amazon.com is a delightful and delicious read as it journeys through Jamaica from coast to coast, sometimes making crucial stops to pay homage to outstanding Jamaicans and world citizens like Miss Lou, Usain Bolt, Jessie Ripoll and Barack Obama.

Jamaica’s ambassador to the United States Her Excellency Audrey Marks brought greetings to the gathering, and she stressed the importance of nurturing and embracing Jamaica’s abundance of creative talent in various genres.

Last night’s launch was hosted by Gail L Moaney, executive vice president, Travel & Economic Development, Ruder Finn Inc. Among those attending were Lester Spaulding, chairman of the Radio Jamaica Group and his wife Dr. L W Koengeter, Portfolio Marketing Group president Noel Mignott, senior vice president, AIG Inc., Mrs. Paulette Mullings Bradnock, legal luminary and member of Jamaica’s Electoral Advisory Committee Hon. Dorothy Pine McLarty, Harlem model Tyson Gregg, marketing director for the Caribbean Tourism Organization Selma Brown, broadcaster Ricot Dupuy and scores more. Sponsors for the event include Rhum Barbancourt, Touch of Elegance Catering, Nakasaki Restaurant and Uptown Vegetarian Juice Bar in Harlem. The Souldance launch was designed by Dave Rodney and Anthony Turner of IMAGES Media LLC, New York.




(L-R) Actor and playwright David Heron, media marketing consultant Dave Rodney, writer Jean Lowrie-Chin, Jamaica’s ambassador to the US Audrey Marks and IMAGES Media President Anthony Turner

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