With A New Resilience & Outlook; Reggae Artist "Natural Black" Hits Both The East And West Coast!

Popular Reggae and Dancehall artist “Natural Black” will hit both the East and West Coast with 2 schedule shows.

The “Far From Reality” singer will perform for the first time in Los Angeles on April 13th, 2013 at the Hollywood Park Casino for the “Best Of The Best International Link Up”. The “Joyce production” event will also feature crooner Terry Linen and singer Sophia Brown.

After L.A, Natural Black will make his way to the East Coast for an April 28th, 2013 performance. The event is part of the weekly “Wet Wet Sundays” and in association with Dr. Love. The event will be hosted by Gren Gren with music provided by Arrivalz Sound and VibesLink Squad.

It is approximately a year ago that Natural Black shocked fans and entertainment industry by cutting off his locks thus breaking his covenant in the Rastafarian lifestyle. The singer was at the time quoted saying “I got up and cut off my locks Sunday morning because I looked around at my surroundings and realized that I have not been living a Rastafarian lifestyle. I want to see the changes around me, and as it relates to the upliftment of the people, the direction of the Rasta order and the walk toward perfection. That is not happening. I just see discord and chaos in the rasta community, all of it is very misleading”.

It’s not how many times you fall that matters, it’s how many time you get back up.

Truer words have never been spoken. Under his new management team, Natural Black has a new and positive outlook on music and his career. His resilience paired with a crystal clear message, and his impassioned pleas for wrongs to be made right and justice applied in the case of the poor and oppressed, Natural Black soulful music is indeed relevant in these critical times.

Natural Black who has garnered fans around the world with his smooth and mellow voice, will be performing such mega hits as “Far From reality”,”People Crying”, “Life Be The Same”, “Never Hurt You”, “Nice It Nice”, “Memories Of Life”, “Thing Big”, “Conquer Dem”, “Beautiful Place”, ” Jah Will Never Leave Us”, “Play With You” and “Revolution”. ‘Like life, Reggae music inspires, and gives the artiste an opportunity to express one’s self fully, regardless of the issues highlighted’ says Natural Black.

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