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Team Tessanne Chin Goes LIVE!

New York, New York – The day has arrived, Tessanne Chin has made it to the LIVE rounds on the Voice, now its our time to show our support. Over the past few weeks many of us have prayed, fast and even started to campaign for Tessanne Chin’s success on the Voice.
Making it to the live rounds of the VOICE is only the first step and Tessanne has not disappoint us, so lets not disappoint her and show her our support in as many ways possible.

Here is what we need to do to help Tessanne to the next round. For this competition Itunes sales are very important, some may say even more important than the actual votes. Each person is allowed to vote up to TEN TIMES per phone line or online at thevoice.com.

Another and a very significant way in which we can show support is by purchasing Tessanne Chin songs on Itunes. Over the past week Tessanne has sung quite a few songs, which are available on Itunes and we need to show our support by purchasing these songs each week. This will be a very significant part of the tally of Tessanne votes, no matter how well she sings.

Big shout out to Tessanne Chin from Ranch Entertainment and fans!
Watch Video Here:

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