Sean Paul's Tell All Book "Irie Jamboree"

Jamaican born international dancehall star Sean Paul has been in the news recently for a US$80 million lawsuit that was filed in New York’s Manhattan Supreme Court by Susanne Persson, who claims to be Sean Paul’s ex-girlfriend. Among the documents Persson – a Swedish makeup artist and hairstylist – reportedly filed in the lawsuit is a self-written book titled ‘Irie Jamboree’ that promises to expose ‘The Truth about Sean Paul’s Cocaine Dealings, Lies, Murders and Erection Problems.’

Since the Sean Paul story broke, our office in Queens, NY have been bombarded with calls from radio listeners, concerned citizens and friends of Irie Jam radio and Irie Jamboree inquiring about our involvement in the lawsuit.

For the record, Irie Jam Media, co producers of Irie Jamboree, North America’s premier music festival would like to categorically state that we have no legal – implied or perceived – connection with the case. In fact we are flabbergasted and outraged as to the use of Irie Jamboree by Persson as the name of her tell all book, since Irie Jamboree is a registered trade name which we have used as the legal name of our festival since the inaugural concert was staged in 2003.

We have now engaged the services of an attorney to determine what legal course if any we need to immediately take to protect our integrity and our brand. We will aggressively fight to legally protect our brand and any damage that may result by the use of the name Irie Jamboree by Persson.

It is a fact that Irie Jam radio and by extension Irie Jamboree has had a great working relationship over the years with Sean Paul, his PR company Headline Entertainment and his management team which continues to this day. We will not support any effort to tarnish his wholesome image and good standing in the music industry.

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