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Sanchez Shoots Video For Hit Single "Him Buy You A Drink"

New York, New York – International Reggae Crooner Sanchez hit Atlanta over the weekend to shoot the video for his new single “Him Buy You A Drink”. Produced by Sanchez on his own Sanmonik Records and distributed by New Millionaire Entertainment, Sanchez new single is quickly becoming the ladies anthem.

Entering Pisces Night Club he was immediately greeted by a few beautiful ladies from the cast, but it was the special leading lady, Erica Pinkett of Vh1 Love & Hip Hop who was honored for the new opportunity.

“As a lover of reggae music, it was a great opportunity and a pleasure to have a role in Sanchez music video. I am not only a Sanchez fan but a believer of the lyrics to the single “Him Buy You A Drink” says Erica Pinkett.

The up-tempo catchy hook is quickly becoming a ladies favorite and the timing is definitely right for shooting the video. The video takes place in the popular Pisces Night Club in Atlanta Georgia and Sanchez was definitely hearing it from the ladies throughout the night. During the video you would see Sanchez observing some of the familiar gestures, women continue to complain about,

“We can definitely relate. These men will buy you a drink and expect to be with you all night, like give me a break” says one of the young ladies featured in the video.

Currently, receiving a lot of spins in the Caribbean and US “Him Buy You a Drink” video timing couldn’t be better. For so many ladies they relate to this song and have made their request to their favorite DJ’s to play this again and again. “true him buy you a drink and get a dance / him mussi think that you’re looking for romance / him want yuh number / so give him six / tell him fih go buy the lotto because him / have a better chance / let him know not because you’re here only / doesn’t really really mean that you’re lonely….”

The anticipation to see the visuals behind the lyrics is boiling and Sanchez is happy with the outcome.

“Its been a little while since my fans and the massive have seen a Sanchez video, but the momentum this single is receiving, I had to make sure that it was done right. Big up New Millionaire Entertainment and look out for the video in the upcoming weeks” says Sanchez.

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