Steele Goes Gospel

Canada- based reggae artiste Steele has decided to get in touch with his spiritual side with a single entitled The Devil Caa Stop Wi. The jazzy, infectious track shows a new side to the artiste who has delivered songs such as She Believes In Me, Let’s Stay Together and Decisions.

Commenting on the song Steele says he has always believed in spirituality and he did the song to encourage those who may be going through turbulent times reminding them not to let evil win out.

“Personally I have faced some situations where my trust was abused and finding that people I thought would be batting for me are the very ones who turned on me,” said Steele. He says the song is a kind of therapy in getting rid of the bad vibes. He is also hoping it will be therapeutic to others who may be facing the same thing.

Now that he has sampled gospel the Hanover born artiste says there will be many more.
According to Steele since he released The Devil Caa Stop Wi in Canada the song has been enjoying air play on gospel radio shows .

“Even in the dances my friends are telling me that the song had to be pulled up a few times,” he said of the song.

Come Saturday, December 8 he will be lending his support to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“It’s a great honour to be apart of this event, this illness that comes in so many different form is still one of the world’s leading cause of death today, therefore any contribution I can make towards the fight against cancer I’m more than willing to make,” he said.

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