New Music From Cross Check "THE OLYMPIAN" [Calypso]

Lennox Bailey , known as (AKA )Cross Check.,

The aspiring artiste has the Soca blood, a born Trinidadian, hails from St Joseph where he grew up and found the passion for Calypso Music. He writes and helps produce songs and deliver it to the people .The one song that inspired him mostly is the Olympian a Profound Achievements by Keshorn Walcott, the Javelin Gold Medalist of Trinidad and Tobago 2012.

THE OLYMPIAN, his 2012 Calypso Kaiso song, released on October 26th,2012.

Comments from people,

Great tribute to the Olympians of Trinidad and Tobago. It great that an artist has taken time out to recognized the efforts of these champions. Great job Cross Check.

From Brian Joseph.

Love this!!! My new jump off …

From eduggan85

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(AKA) Cross Check has drop about 10 song from since 2007 till 2012 and forward, he did a Great Collaboration with General Grant and Nnika on the song -Staggering Whinning By Skyrecords .

Bio speech from Cross Check-“I believe kids should surround themselves with positive vibes, stay in School, no drugs, maintain focus on their goal and they too can be an Olympian too.”

“I love music from Sparrow, Bunji, Gypsy, David Rudder, Benjai, Iwer and Mighty Stalin, they have inspired me to give back to the Country .Our talent is not hidden if we understand and Push to achieve our goals, I try to contribute two song every year to my culture, my heritage , my life “.

“Soca means to me, a heartbeat, a pulse, this love for culture so rich of a people from then till now,”

“My destination is Soca City”

Cross Check Lyrics from the song Olympian

Lyrics 1: A single mother working hard to feed her children*Dat iz Olympian*

Lyrics 2: Friends who will always be there for you!*Dat iz Olympian*

Lyrics 3: Keshorn who went against the best!*Dat iz Olympian*

Lyrics 4: Hairdressers, Teachers, Taxi Drivers,* Dat iz Olympian*

Then he went to the controversial side of things Highlights: Shaq gets 12 million !

Get ready to hear the rest of Cross Check Calypso***The Olympian***Track.

This song is a Tribute to Keshorn Walcott and the people , Yes you are an Olympian.

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