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Introducing new group Roc Riva with SAIL

In an era where bands are again coming to the fore, enter Roc Riva, a tight, well-coordinated outfit comprising singer Amique, deejay Percent, female lead K’Alee and Cass. Together they have one goal – to make great music that will entertain, inspire and resonate on an international level.

From their base in Kingston, Jamaica, Roc Riva has avidly surveyed the musical landscape and, based on that, the group is offering to the world, Jamaican music in all it varieties, whether it be mento, quadrille, ska, reggae, dancehall, alternative, fusion, pop or rock.

Possessing keen insight and an unmatched appreciation for music, Roc Riva has studiously delved into the rich musical legacy of past and has learned from greats such as Harry Belafonte, Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, Beres Hammond and overseas acts such as the Rolling Stones, Earth, Wind and Fire and Celine Dion. Taking their cue and doing their homework well, the band has struck out on their musical odyssey.

Noting that their name is taken from that of a district in Clarendon, the significance of Roc Riva is also borne out by the mantra ‘solid as a rock’ and the power of water to cleanse and purify. This fusion of the rock and the gushing of water incorporate the elements of that unmistakable Roc Riva sound, which is partially defined by a heavy but subtle rock guitar.

Together, Roc Riva has decades of experience in the business of music, with some members earning their stripes by grabbing the kudos on a big stage without even a big song. But, it has been this experience that has guided the group and has taught them the importance of possessing great song-writing skills and smooth delivery.

Now ready to capture a global audience, Roc Riva has released its first official single, Sail, a groovy love song that speaks eloquently to the virtues of fidelity. Of course, in a world in which moral standards have all been tossed through the window, Roc Riva goes against the norm with the theme for this single, but in so doing they have made a bold statement which taps into their uniqueness as a group.

With Amique sounding smooth on lead vocals, Percent adding energy and vibe on the deejay parts and potent lyrics which tell a story with which many can identify , Sail is destined to give Roc Riva their much deserved musical breakthrough.
Get ready to Sail with Roc Riva.

Listen to Audio Here:

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