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Chantelle Ernandez and Lord Geo Recreate 70’s Funk With “No Limit!”

Jamaica’s Chantelle Ernandez and Super Producer Geoffrey ‘Lord Geo’ Martin of the Bootleggaz label in France recreate 70’s Funk with the joint collaboration “No Limit” which has saturated the appetite of an international ‘Funk’ appreciating community who deem this release to be one of the best in years!

Written and performed by Chantelle Ernandez, the song’s pop and bounce make party goers want to move their hips while singing along to conscious lyrics targeted at inspiring listeners to live their dreams outside of the socially set ‘box,’ hence the term “No Limit!”

Speaking to media while on tour as a backing vocalist for Ziggy Marley, Chantelle reasoned that “it is great to go out and party and have a good time and have fun, we all need that break; I just want people to know that regardless of age, we all have dreams and those dreams should be lived outside of the ‘box’ we were born in to.” Adding to that sentiment, Geoffrey said “just because we come from the Caribbean or other parts of the world, doesn’t mean we can’t perform in other genres, and this record proves that. We are versatile and will express that versatility however it comes out, and in this case, it’s Funk!”

“No Limit” was influenced by the film sub genre Black-sploitation (Cleopatra Jones, Black Dynamite, Foxy Brown), and Geoffrey and K. Rlo acknowledge their personal style to be influenced by the sounds of Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk and Electro. They have made a commitment to include as many elements of Neo-Soul in their productions, and thus flood the market with this infectiously good music which is new to the ears of music listeners in France (their home country), but not to North America where it is clearly gaining traction.

L3 Magazine’s Music Editor, Tre Carn says that this release is one of the best he’s heard in the genre, and says “Chantelle and Geoffrey would have made Curtis Mayfield very proud with this release.” Echoing that sentiment is DJ Keith Sly from Bang Radio 103.6 FM who debuted the track in May to very positive feedback from listeners.

Hailed as a marriage between conscious tapping lyrics, deep bass riffs, and thunderous piano strokes, there is literally “No Limit” to where this record will go. As one fan said “I love the songs authenticity with the touch of Caribbean flair in the vocals!”

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