Ramen Riddim


Grenada’s reigning Road March King has touched down on the Courtney “Curty” Louis produced Ramen Riddim with “Drink (Party Up).” Nineteen year old Boyzie captured the coveted Spice Mas title with “Born Troublesome” featuring Luni Spark. Giving no quarter he warned “since I born I giving trouble” which is what he delivers in spades on “Drink (Party Up).” The song was written by Jalon “Boyzie” Olive and demonstrates while he is new to the soca game – Boyzie is no amateur. He is also not too young to tell the sexy bartender to keep topping him up, “Let’s go drink, drink, drink, drink/ we not too young to drink/ Let’s go party up, party up/ We not too young to party.”

This is a fun and high energy soca track on a Riddim blessed to embody beats that put you in that kind of mood. With “Drink (Party Up)” Dutch Productions/Stratosphere Music continues to unite the region through music in much the same way Boyzie wants a lime in his cup to add up to a good time had by all.


But how Superman HD could be boldface is what you will be thinking when you hear “Cheaters Confession.” The song is written by Ryan Giraudy, Ambroise Joseph, Kwency Griffith and Courtney Louis who also produced the track on the Dutch Productions/Stratosphere Music Ramen Riddim. Superman HD will have you shaking your head while you hold on to your man who also calls Bacchanal his “outside lady,” the one who can be found “Sunday to Sunday in a bacchanal party” because let’s face it ladies, they have long deserved an anthem since there are so many of them around.

So let’s thank Superman HD for giving us the perfect test to weed out the man who will say “I cheating everyday/ I’m addicted to woman/ Addicted to whine/ Addicted to sweetness/ you eh see how they looking fine.” Because this man continues to cheat despite getting caught, going to the doctor and an Obeahman. Talk about Obsession! Admitting he “eh miss a fete yet” this rogue says bacchanal is “his baby,” a lady he is not sorry for loving as much as you are guaranteed to love “Cheaters Confession.”


Say hello to D’Sean and Mz Famous on “Take It Down.” Written by Daesean “D’Sean” Germaine, it is produced by Courtney “Curty” Louis for the Dutch Productions/Stratosphere Music Ramen Riddim. This one is a soca flirt between a man and woman who know exactly what they want. While he is praising the physical and other attributes that have him sprung, she is encouraging him with, “That’s how me love it baby/ that’s how me want it baby/ that’s how me need it baby/ gimme that, gimme that/ I like that.”

And just in case there is any doubt about where this is ending up, let this be your answer, “Tonight I’m on fire/ I’m longing for more.” The love song rides the Ramen Riddim with heat and purpose, building you up to the inevitable climax. “Take It Down” indeed so gimme that/ gimme that.

AMBI featuring Q-PID

Dirt! A man that likes to eat Ramen; lucky that’s all he can afford in these times. Just as Saint Lucia is getting used to that extra 15% on goods, the team at Dutch Productions has brought you “Ramen” off the Riddim of the same name. The song is written by Ambroise “Ambi” Joseph and award winning songwriter/producer Courtney “Curty” Louis who also produced the song. “Ramen, Ramen, Ramen” Ambi sings – fresh off a New York tour following his third place in this year’s Groovy and second place Power Soca Monarch finals performances. He is more than ably assisted by the First Lady of DP/Strato Q-Pid who accompanies him on the track.

She’s the female voice in a song lamenting to all women, “Christmas coming I not buying no ham” since is only “Ramen/Ramen/Ramen” her man can afford. With Burger King out of his reach, a chicken wing at Burger Plus costing $4-something, not even chow mien and a trip to town that’s in the cards – a point made perfectly clear by the video that accompanies “Ramen.” DP/Strato teamed up with Ted Sandiford of AcidKreationz to bring you nothing short of a genius interpretation of the song featuring some very familiar faces and more than one packet of Ramen.

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