Brand New Event in C2K13 To Promote Soca Music Year Round

The weeks ahead will likely see a strong amount of emphasis being placed on East, Trinidad. With the island’s carnival merely three months away, the feting calendar is being requested, however fetters must know, ahead of time that East Trinidad is going to erupt with excitement in the upcoming season.

After years of observing, the Prison’s committee plans on delving into the Carnival excitement and celebration in 2013. With plans already underway to host the biggest fete East Trinidad has ever seen or experienced, organisers are guaranteeing that everyone from across both Trinidad and Tobago, will want to be a part of this super event.

Dubbed, Soca For Life, the fete will be hosted at the spacious Prison Sports Club grounds, located along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in Arouca, on January 26. Known for large turnouts on the occasion of Prison’s annual sports day, organisers are anticipating that their carnival fete will garner the same level of support among the general public across the island. “What we always guarantee and live up to is a safe event. We’re working closely with the various arms of national security to ensure patrons of a safe, enjoyable carnival fete next year,” said Michelle Weekes- spokesperson for the Prison’s committee.

Soca For Life was conceptualized out of the committee’s desire to truly endorse soca music and the artistes who represent the genre. “Soca belongs to us. We live soca- we breathe soca and normally we just have it for one time of the year, so with this endorsement, we are letting it be known that we feel Soca should be loved and showcased year round. Soca is ours for life,” said Weekes. Her sentiment was echoed by other representatives of the event who agree that the fete, which will be on par with other major events like Army and Fire fetes, is just what is needed in the upcoming season. “We want to bring something home to the East. We’ve been hosting the sports day for the past 71 years so that is probably what we’re best known for when it comes to events, but we want to show that the Prison’s committee supports carnival enjoyment as well. The people who have attended the Sports day over the years will agree that we have what it takes to deliver a first class Carnival fete at our facility,” said Weekes.

Plans are in place to provide shuttle services from various key locations across T&T and with big names in the mix such as Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons and the Asylum band, Ravi B and Karma and Destra Garcia and her band- just to name a few- there are certainly good signs that this new event in carnival 2013, will be one to remember.

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