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F Dem Out and Keep On Enjoying

Finally, an opportunity has presented itself to shout out “F…Dem” without apology. Hold on, before you begin throwing F’s around let’s be specific; Forget, Face, Flatter and Fete are all applicable. When their eyes are recording your every move to strike up neighborhood gossip remember they’re only as significant as you make them. Every movement; wine, jump or wave is ‘For All Ah Dem’ and Vincentian Soca artiste Problem Child is stating this clearly in his track. The cleverly written track that is featured on the ‘Fete Life Riddim’ can easily lead to voluntary tongue slipping as he encourages you to give the confusion makers something to talk about.

Released earlier this year for Vincy Mas, ‘For All Ah Dem’ was recognized as one of the more popular songs during the island’s festivities. The track quickly made its way to Crop Over where it also captured the attention of many. The song
speaks to issues that many partiers and revelers have been experiencing recently. The turning up of noses must cease! Whether drunk and falling or provocatively wining, it’s the business only of those engaging.

Problem Child has captured the attention of the masses yet again. It’s not only for his craftiness on ‘For All Ah Dem’ but also for the penning of lyrics for three other songs on the Fete Life Riddim; ‘Money Done’ (Patrice Roberts), ‘Whole Night’ (King Bubba) and ‘Inferno’ (Shradah). The singer/songwriter and producer Ramon “Fryktion” McDowall are causing quite a stir amongst the Caribbean Diaspora. Some may wonder if the Vincentian artiste has the ability to read minds while others will thank him for helping them speak. Regardless of your thoughts this song is going to heighten your reveling experience.

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