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L3 Magazine Brings Heat for July, 2014 with Dancehall Diva Tifa | The longlost | marie-claire | Music Charts | Beauty | Fashion and More!

L3 Magazine Brings Heat for July, 2014 with Dancehall Diva Tifa
| The longlost | marie-claire | Music Charts | Beauty | Fashion and More!

Thursday July 17th, 2014 – New York, NY

The #1 Caribbean-Urban publication, L3 Magazine, has launched their July issue which packs summer heat thanks to the sexiness of Dancehall Diva Tifa, the Arizona based group the lovelost, and a proud Dominican named marie-claire!

Interviewed at a hideaway location in Jamaica, we caught the Diva Tifa just before her promotional tour for her new album, and before her signing to her new label Island Kings Records, and asked her how she’s gotten through the rough part of 2014 which included the hacking of her Twitter account.

The lovelost has successfully combined Jazz, Salsa, World, Rock n Roll and more to come up with their own unique sound which is easily identifiable. Senior Writer Song River sits down with the group who explains how growing up in Mexico City exposed them to most genres of music which too influenced their sound. They discuss the emotional ride of performing with a band, and now being a duo. They also share the ins and outs of being in a partnership as well as being a duo.

Dominica’s marie-claire is living her dream life on centre stage thanks to her passion for Jazz, and her production company called girlfullofgold. Because of these two anchors, maroe has performed at Jamaica Jazz and Blues (Jamaica), Jazz on the Green (St. Vincent), and Love is All We Need (Antigua). There is more to marie-claire than just Jazz, and it’s a combination of all things that make her a fascinating topic for Ayeola George’s interview!

Travel Editor Stacia Von Castle travels to Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie’s birth place, and brings exclusive photos of his home, his garments, and an understanding of why his presence on earth was so significant, and is still significant today.

Rohan Beckford covered the 2014 New York International Car show and shares his top pics of vehicles which will enhance the way we drive this year and next. If you like HOTTT cars, you will definitely want to see this!

About L3 Magazine:

L3 Magazine is the #1 Caribbean-Urban monthly Magazine that covers the globe to bring its readers content on Music, Fashion, Entertainment and Technology. Our publication is trusted as a leading source of information for a monthly average 70,000 readers. With writers in France, Germany, the Caribbean and North America, our readers receive exclusive industry content first. Additional divisions include L3 Designs, L3 Radio, and L3 Publicity.

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