Precision Productions, Deli Banger, Pressure Busspipe, and R.City are going to have you moving in “Slow Motion”

There are times when words alone are not enough. In those moments where the perfect expression of soulful feeling is called for, a song, just the right one, can convey your exact inner emotions as it creates a special mood.

With this creative goal in mind, Pressure Busspipe ft R.City present “Slow Motion”, a melodic gift. A release, which instantly sets the ambiance to romance, causing bodies to combine and ignite with the kind of uncontrollable friction so many in the world crave.

Produced by Deli Banger and Precision Productions this single will put affections on display, while it hypnotizes listeners with its provocative vibes and sweetly loving vocals.

Title: Slow Motion
Artist: Pressure Busspipe ft R.City
Producers: Deli Banger and Precision Productions
Composers/Writers: Delyno Brown/Timothy Thomas/Theron Thomas/Claudell M. Monsanto/Kasey Phillips
Publishers: Busspipe Publishing/T N T EXPLOSIVE Publishing (ASCAP)/Precision Global Publishing (c/o FOX FUSE LLC) (BMI)
Label: Busspipe Records
Copyright Notice: © 2017

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