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Canada’s Reggae Songstress Ammoye wins BIG at The Akademia Music Awards!

Canada’s Reggae Songstress Ammoye wins big at 2016 The Akademia Music Awards held last week at the music portals offices in Los Angeles, California.

Ammoye’s song “Sorry,” won in the category of Best Reggae / R&B Song, and voted as the most popular song amongst the hundreds of artists who submitted their music from countries around the world. Winning an Akademia Music Award is more than just an honorary distinction says the award organizers. “It is the first step in a worldwide promotional campaign to gain exposure and recognition for artists” say the awards organizers.

Released as a single and included on her Mixtape ‘Enter the Warrior-Ess,’ “Sorry” is a song that speaks to a woman’s disagreement with her significant other, and the apology that follows to quell the argument. About the song Ammoye says “sometimes we women get a little hot, and say things or even do things that we don’t mean. We have to apologize, and usually that starts with saying ‘Sorry’ which is where the song picks up … saying sorry and moving forward!”

Atlanta based radio jock and host of the popular radio show New Music Tuesday’s, Rico Vibes says fans of all walks ‘look forward to hearing music from Ammoye! “Sorry” happens to be one of her most popular so congrats on her much deserved win.” Tony Carr, who is based in Washington DC says “my fans will be really happy to hear this news about Ammoye. We have been supporting her for years and will continue to do so. She is one of the best we we’ve heard. She’s great!”

Ammoye is a two time JUNO Award nominee for Best Reggae Recording. She is Canada’s leading songstress who is well known for her music which is ‘love fueled,’ ‘conscious awakening’ and ‘motivational.’ Ammoyes musical mission is to be a Light Worker which forms the foundation from which she creates chart topping music.

Ammoye opens for Sean Paul in London, Ontario (Canada) on March 18th, 2016 at the London Music Hall as part of the artists Full Speed Promo Club Tour.

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