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Kerwin Du Bois Calls On His Monsters…Monster Winner Video Is Here!

In a bid to eliminate conformity of creative ideas when showcasing Soca music in video format to the world, ‘Out Of The Box’ is a term Kerwin Du Bois has embraced. Adamant to add elements which provide visual stimulation to music lovers worldwide, Kerwin Du Bois has added yet another attention grabbing music video to his portfolio. This time, “Monster Winer” steps up to the plate, promising to be one of the most risky, well scripted and costumed Soca music videos to date.

Captured in Miami and Trinidad and Tobago, Du Bois and his team solicited the assistance of three of the most talented dancehall queens (who will now be referred to as Monsters). The Monsters; Binta Blackout is the European Dancehall Queen 2013, Real New York of Teacher’s Pet and Brandi, the runner up in the International Dancehall Queen 2013 are infamous talents in the dancehall queen fraternity. The flexibility and uniqueness of the dancehall moves displayed by the Monsters were enhanced by Lexx Perry, a talented Jamaican designer/stylist. With Creative Consultation from Nneka Nurse the official video for “Monster Winer” was perfected. Have you ever witnessed a sexily clad female doing a 360◦ degree head spin with no hands? Brandi proved that while it is a feat that many may be unable to achieve, it is not impossible.

“The entire purpose of creating the video the way that we did is to break barriers and move away from the typical Carnival vibe” explained Du Bois. The Monsters and locations were strategically selected to increase the momentum of the already well received hit single which is sung by Du Bois and Lil Rick. It is only fitting that the specially selected Monsters battle and live up to titles given to them by Du Bois. With a referee and spectators they would do just that, proving that they are in fact Monsters…Monster Winers. Be prepared to embrace the incorporation of bling, spikes, leather, leashes and high heels in a way that will be seen for the first time in the Soca fraternity.

Watch Video Here:

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