Rising Dancehall Artist & Former Magnum Kings & Queens Contestant "Spontaneous" Releases New Video Feat Drezion

Rising artist “Spontaneous” has released “Pree Dem A Pree Mi” video featuring Drezion, it is the debut single from his upcoming “Mus Bus” EP which will be distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital. The single is a Tenament Yard/Quick Mixx music production and the video was directed by Kemstyle Studios.

The idea for the song came from Spontaneous rising status in the entertainment industry since Magnum Kings & Queens and Rising Star Competition. While working in the studio, Spontaneous lamented to Drezion on the unfortunate circumstances where friends became foes and his every actions became monitored. Drezion stated to him “Pree Dem A Pree” and from there the song was born. “Pree dem a pree mi tru mi links dem tun up a road, Pree dem a pree mi tru mi step up in a life and crush dem out like a toad” sings Drezion.

The rising artist recognizes that on his musical road there will be deterrents but his faith in God and family keeps him grounded “Giving thanks and praise to the Most High” says Spontaneous. He is fortunate to be mentored by a man who wears many hats, the Tenament Yard Records CEO/Producer and artist “Drezion” and his manager “Quick Mixx”.

Born in the rural part of Clarendon – the talented spontaneous was born to sing. From an early age he was a free spirited person who was immersed in his art. Always reeling tunes on the spur-of-the-moment off the top of his head and the tip of his tongue. Spontaneous’ family moved to Kingston in an effort to make life better for the family. Living with relatives and going to school .

This youngster never lost his passion for music as he continues streaming rhythmic tunes. Training for a heavy duty general license he went on to work with an established Jamaican firm. Spontaneous became affectionately known as DJ in his work circles – as that was what he did all the time keeping other people’s spirits up while “trodding” along. Obviously talented at penning and naturally free styling lyrics .

Spontaneous would do the odd show and jobs which presented opportunities to him. He entered the Rising Star Competition and Magnum Kings & Queens he also collaborated in 2003 with US artiste King Elements on a Sonic Sounds video called Boody Roll. Spontaneous now moves on to the renaissance of his career. He is signed to Quickmixx Music/Tenament Yard –He is matching the best and exceeding the rest – Giving thanks and praise to the Most High.

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