Nadia Batson – Catching Feelings “2018 Soca” [AdvoKit Productions] – AVAILABLE NOW

Nadia Batson – Catching Feelings

Produced by: AdvoKit Productions in collaboration with Julian’s Promos

Written by: Nadia Batson

Additional Background by: Nadia Batson

Live Guitar by: Kit Israel

Live Bass by: Gideon Bishop

Mixed by: AdvoKit Productions

Mastered by: Precision Productions

Publishers: COTT/ BMI / FOX FUSE LLC

Artwork by: Christine Harripersad @reallioness

“Folklore is tradition. Folklore is culture. Folklore is we! Get your heart pumping with every beat of the drum reminding us that we’re rooted in soil rich of culture inspired by our ancestors. The Folklore Riddim expresses the cultural musical syncopation of the tales told by those before us and enlivens our bodies through unavoidable dance. Like some of our folklore characters, the music will cast an enchantment upon you, finding yourself compelled by its intoxicating grip. It will spread through your veins like wildfire. It is tantalizing, drawing you in, beat by beat. The offering that is the Folklore Riddim encompasses both deep cultural tales whilst satisfying our desire for musical growth and diversity.

“Celebrate this musical incarnation with Julian’s Promos and Advokit Productions as they present the newest member to the cast, Nadia Batson. Welcome!”

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