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Register For Tropicalfete’s Cultural Enrichment Programs Today!

Tropicalfete, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides cultural enrichment programs to both seniors and youth within the community. Our main goal is to use culture as a tool for social transformation. Culture is what connects all ethnicities and nationalities together through the arts of music, dance, and arts and crafts, which we have been working on preserving for years.

In addition, Tropicalfete, Inc. has made a commitment to tackle important economic concerns like inequity for women, domestic violence, teenage pregnancies, and drug misuse. We design our programs to make immigrants and families with low to moderate incomes feel welcome and, of course, to help them develop new skills and talents.

Over the years, we have collaborated with a number of eminent organizations with whom we have enjoyed cordial and fruitful relationships in an effort to engage with our youth and elderly, lead them along the correct path, and enrich their lives.

We ask that you share the good word about Tropicalfete, Inc. and register for our programs. For more information, please contact us at the below information:

Tel: 1 (646) 504-3383

Email: info@tropicalfete.com

Facebook: Tropicalfete

Instagram: Tropicalfete

Website: https://tropicalfete.com/

We offer a variety of services and programs, which include but are not limited to:

Senior Citizen Center Program: impactful programs promote social interactions among senior citizens. They offer a delightful array of interactive activities, creating an excellent social framework. We foster longevity with safe recreational environments for senior citizens, enhancing their emotional, mental, physical, and economic standards.

After-School Program—a program that will cater to children and youth of all ages. It is a quality program that promotes positive behavior and social skills in all communities. The program establishes safe and constructive spaces to foster excellence in academics, crafts, entertainment, and sports.

Music includes beat creation, vocal lessons, and musical instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, steel pan, and drums. This is a project whereby talented and accomplished musicians nurture aspiring musicians by teaching them various types of musical instruments and techniques. We also offer vocal lessons and coaching sessions for singers. Singers work on vocal and breathing techniques, develop their singing, improve performance ability, and build their repertoires to work as a group.

Pottery: Pottery is an art that explores the various ways to form, shape, and play with clay. Enrollment in the program is basically to enrich creativity on a personal or artistic level. Learners get to know how to hand-build clay as well as the preparation processes and techniques. All age groups are welcomed and encouraged to take on this form of art.

Stilt Walking (Moko Jumbies): a professional stilt walking group that is able to spin, leap, run, and dance on stilts to various types of music. The program teaches stilt walking to anyone willing to learn.

Dance and theater are also known as the body of vibration,” where the dance program forms a bridge between cultural expression and communication with the outside world. The dance program explores the indigenous aspects of dances authentic to the Caribbean.
Masquerade/Arts and Crafts: People are engaged in masquerade costume projects that detail the history associated with the celebration and the relevance of the culture and traditions in today’s global community.

The Art of Videography and Photography is a program created to support the artistic endeavors of youth and young adults in entertainment media and the arts.

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