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Musician Phil Nessy Releases New Music Video

In his earlier days, he was called Rabbie Ocean with one of his most popular tune, “Carry On.” These days, he goes by the name Phil Nessy and is a St. Lucian musician based in the USA steadily rising on the music scene.

Nessy recently released a music video for the tune; “My Life” which coincides with a “Love Your Life” campaign which he is currently undertaking.

The Hospital Road, Castries born musician describes himself as a simple individual who enjoys singing, football and swimming. Nessy proudly describes his musical influences as the best in the business. Just listening to his music for the first time, one can easily associate his vocal ability and writing talents with that of his musical influences: Peter Tosh, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and Barry White. Some of his fans also link his melodious tone to Dennis Brown, Bankie Banx, Tarrus Riley, Peter Tosh and Beresford Hammond.

Wherever and whenever Nessy performs, he is sure to have the crowd dancing and singing along to his positive and inspirational vibes. To date, Nessy has released three albums – Forward, Playing and Unchained. He is already working on his fourth album which is due to be released this summer. See link for “My Life” video.


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