KES West Coast Performances

Award-winning recording artists and performers, Kes The Band are hitting California from May 27 to June 11th for a private industry showcase at Sayer’s Club in Hollywood on May 31st (sponsored by Trinidad’s top rum company, Angostura), public performances at L.A. staple underground parties Afro Funke and Bacchanal, various interviews, and recording sessions with Billboard Top 10 Dance/Pop music producer DJ Ammo aka Damien Le Roy, Grammy winning producer Poet Name Life, and more.

The trip will be the most impactful west coast run to date for the band who recently collaborated with rap legend Snoop Dogg on the official remix of their hit single, “Stress Away”!

Frontman Kees Deffeenhear is eager to bring the group’s unique, genre-bending and energetic sound back to the West Coast of America, stating: “The rest of the world has already been so receptive to our sound and energy and we can’t wait to bring it back and to continue spreading our positive party vibes while picking up some West Coast flavor at the same time.”

Kes The Band has been touring the Caribbean and overseas extensively since winning the Caribbean’s top musical honor, the coveted Soca Monarch award in Feb 2011 with the single “Wotless” – which is a spin-off pronunciation slang of the word, ‘worthless’.

Their touring/performance schedule within the last two years has been jam-packed with high-profile gigs from Europe to Asia and from North America to the Americas, including over 40 shows just within the small window of this year’s Carnival festivities. After Carnival, the momentum didn’t stop, with a sold-out show of over 2,500 patrons at New York’s Best Buy Theatre in March 2012.

Kes The Band brings live entertainment into a new experience for many outside of their native ‘bacchanal’ land with enthralling performances that combine the traditional elements of a Caribbean band with the innovative DJ/dance-production techniques of the electronic music world, and high energy dancing a la America’s Best Dance Crew.

Their music is a mix of Soca (the traditional music of their native Caribbean island, Trinidad & Tobago), high-energy Club/Electronic Dance Music laced with hints of Rock n’ Roll and modern-day Pop sounds. With their common theme of feeling good, letting loose n’ letting go, each Kes song is to be played at maximum volume and enjoyed in a care-free (‘wotless’), party-like atmosphere reminiscent of Trinidad’s world-renown annual Carnival, the 2nd biggest in the world to Brazil’s ‘Rio Carneval’, where masquerading, dancing and all forms of revelry (debauchery too!) are celebrated by all without regard for race, creed, color, age, class or gender. If you haven’t been yet, Kes is here – soon to bring it to YOU!

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