Jamaican dancehall artist Macka Diamond has connected with Canadian dancehall artist Rich Kid on her latest release. Unlike her past collaborative efforts, this is a case of art imitating life, as the lyrical content of the song is a reflection of a personal relationship shared between both artists.

The song which is called, “what must I do”, has Rich Kid asking Macka Diamond what it will take for him to be the only man in her life. It is a very high-energy dancehall song that is jam packed with lyrics of an eager Rich Kid seeking an exclusive friendship with the dancehall diva. Macka Diamond for her part was very jovial and witty in her response.

Ordinarily this would be considered just another tough dancehall tune, the difference here though is that the two actually does have an intimate past. Rich Kid is indeed trying to maintain a personal relationship with Macka Diamond, and at this point she does not care who knows it. Whenever she visits Canada, she spends a considerable amount of time with Rich Kid both privately and publicly. And the same can be said when Rich Kid visits Jamaica.

Persons can listen to the song by clicking the link below and look for the official music video, which will be shot in Jamaica in mid January.

Listen Here:

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