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'Port Harcourt reception was a fluke,' says the Messenjah, Luciano

Kingston, Jamaica: – Reggae artiste, Luciano, while confirming that there was a bottle-throwing incident at a concert in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is emphasizing that it was “out of the ordinary” and definitely does not reflect his normal reception in the Motherland, Africa.
Luciano, known as the Messenjah, has been unwavering in his support of Africa and all things African. He has consistently done conscious lyrics and has a huge fan base in certain parts of Africa, a continent he has toured many times.
“A lot of people may not know that I have a house in The Gambia and the people there accept me as one of their own. I have travelled to Ghana, where thousands come to meet me and attend by concerts. Up until now, my Africa experience has been among my greatest,” Luciano declared.
Reports out of Port Harcourt stated that “Jamaican reggae icon, Luciano, was on Saturday night (December 17) pelted with empty water bottles by some youths that attended the closing of the 2011 Rivers State Carnival popularly known as CARNIRIV at the Liberation Stadium.”
The original article labeled the youths’ behaviour as “hostile”, while comments under the article denounced the incident and noted that certain disruptive elements of that society will behave like that, especially at free events.
There were suggestions that the organizers should have known better than to put Luciano so far down on the programme, especially since there were many big name African acts on the line-up and Port Harcourt is somewhat behind in their appreciation of reggae acts like Luciano. Port Harcourt is also notorious for being unwelcoming to foreign acts.
One person commented that, “Port-Harcourt is the worst place for foreign artists to visit. It’s the same Port Harcourt that someone jumped on stage and snatched Usher Raymond’s bling from his neck.
The last time Port-Harcourt receive a foreign artist with love was when Wyclef visited.”
As Luciano recalled, “A one man fling a one bottle and a one woman fling a phone to show their displeasure and we know how that kind of behaviour is catching. However, when I started to talk to them they calmed down a bit and I sang One Way Ticket and they became receptive.”
He pointed out that he felt that not enough thought was put into the running order by the organizers.
Asked if this experience has given him a negative feelings towards Africa, Luciano was quick to respond, “Of course not.”
He added, “I believe that everything happens for a purpose and out of evil cometh good. Perhaps this will be a musical re-awakening for the people in Port Harcourt and will usher in an era of greater appreciation of foundation, roots reggae. I certainly don’t take it personal, in addition, the wonderful experiences I have of performing in Africa will overshadow this every time.”
The carnival in Port Harcourt, Nigeria took place on December 17, 2011, after which Luciano returned to Jamaica and gave an awesome performance on Thursday, December 22 at the Tarrus Riley and Friends free concert held at Emancipation Park in New Kingston.
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